The 12th Annual San Diego Brewers Guild Festival – Too Much Too Drunk

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Beer, Events, San Diego
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As San Diego Beer Week enters its sixth year running, breweries have never looked stronger than ever before. The San Diego Brewers Guild has surpassed a hundred member breweries, and they strive to show their collective strength to the public with their San Diego Brewers Guild Festival. Now in its 12th year (thus starting before San Diego Beer Week existed), this annual beer festival now coincides with San Diego Beer Week with a massive celebration at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier in San Diego. This year’s festival from this past Saturday afternoon featured over 50 of the county’s guild breweries all spread out along the pier, each serving at least two of their beer offerings. With over a hundred different beers to taste, and only so much time available, attendees would have to power through all their beers in order to maximize the variety of beers tasted.

As the festival covered the entire span of the pier, the organizers drafted sections to contain different booths. Up at the front section the festival, attendees would find a food court with some local restaurants participating. A handful of brewery booths stood between the food and the main stage before moving into the expo hall. Once in the expo hall, attendees could walk upstairs to find more breweries, or continue to the back to find the rest of the festival. The back half of the expo hall featured the majority of the festival’s breweries, plus live music at the back of the hall. Once outside at the end of the pier, attendees would find a few more brewery booths, and more food vendors. This year’s festival did not feature any food trucks.

People do not simply call San Diego the west coast capital of beer for no reason. San Diego County alone has over a hundred official breweries – even more if you count brewpubs and homebrew clubs. Consider that the state of Washington has just over 200 breweries, and you have a county packed full of craft beer enough to fill half a state. The San Diego Brewers Guild Festival rightly holds its place as one of the nation’s top beer festivals for its sheer amount of content packed into a small space within a 24-hour span, which included a VIP reception from Friday night. As a kickoff event for the rest of the beer festivities, attendees will have a better sense of direction for finding more events and specials throughout the week all over San Diego County. The celebrations have not ended yet! With only a few days left in the 2014 San Diego Beer Week, you ought to act swiftly and discover what to do while you still have this chance!


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