Take A Sweet – Baskin Robbins’ First Class Camouflage Ice Cream

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Dessert, Food
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Normally I refrain from talking about corporate businesses since I strive to support local businesses. However, sometimes something new comes up that merits timely discussion. For example, with Veteran’s Day coming up, now marks the right time to talk about something that Baskin-Robbins has done. They typically introduce a new ice cream flavor each month that represents their 31st flavor, as part of their “31 flavors” slogan for a flavor for each day of the month. For November 2014, Baskin-Robbins has stepped it up a notch by introducing a military-themed color combination in their flavor of the month. The colors may throw many customers off, but this First Class Camouflage actually sounds and tastes like a first-class combination. The combination contains three colors, brown, tan, and green, that represent chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla cake, respectively. In addition to the ice cream scoops, Baskin-Robbins will also offer other items with the camouflage coloring, such as waffle cones/bowls, and a camouflage sundae. To top it all off, Baskin-Robbins will donate ten cents to the USO for each scoop of this ice cream sold all month.

Try out some First Class Camouflage at your local Baskin-Robbins. I normally do not give free press to corporate businesses, but for this occasion, it has captured my interest so much that I believe you ought to check it out for yourself.

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