Take A Sweet – Edoughble’s Edible Cookie Dough

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Dessert, Food, Los Angeles
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If you had the ability to eat any food in the world without getting sick or hurt, would you do it? Would you eat foods not deemed safe for human consumption? Before you start thinking about that, I only refer to things that qualify as food, or things the human body can digest. For example, humans cannot digest gum or wood. Organisms can, for the most part, eat and digest most foods in its raw or uncooked state. However, this poses great problems as far as food-borne illnesses concern. In fact, in today’s dining society, one cannot go to a restaurant without seeing warnings on menus regarding consuming raw or undercooked foods. If raw meat did not potentially contain pathogens, I bet some people would not mind eating it. Sadly, the media has trained society to dislike raw or undercooked foods, especially meat. Switching to another food, people would love to eat cookie dough if it did not contain food-borne illnesses. We hear it all the time – do not consume raw cookie dough for risk of salmonella. Most people cannot resist the urge to dive into a batch of raw cookie dough, for that contains the most amount of flavor before the baking process takes some of the flavor out. What if I told you can you can have you cookie dough, and eat it too? If you have heard of Edoughble, then you know what I refer to.

Only last week did I discover the unique company known as Edoughble. Based out of Los Angeles, this company that started in 2008 artisanally crafts edible cookie dough. At first, you may ask yourself, “Can I not eat all cookie dough?” In a sense, yes, you can eat all cookie dough, but you risk getting salmonella from the eggs in the cookie dough. At Edoughble, they make small batches of all-natural cookie dough without eggs or preservatives. However they came up with their recipe, they produced gooey cookie dough without the risk of salmonella, and with all the awesome characteristics of regular cookie dough. At the time of this post, they currently sport eight flavors:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Birthday Cake
  • S’Mores
  • Chocolate Peanut
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Peanut Butter & Berry Jam
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Almond Joy (dark chocolate, almonds, coconut)

However, as I discovered after I ordered my cookie dough, they have a special seasonal flavor: Pumpkin Pie! I originally wanted to order just one, but shipping would have cost the same if I ordered three, so I added two more. Edoughble kindly sent me a a bonus sample of their Pumpkin Pie flavor dough too! The jars arrive as shown in the below picture – caps on, padded with confetti paper, and in a cardboard box. Customers must make an important note that Edoughble does NOT seal the jars, so the cookie dough’s moisture can still escape the jar, and air can seep in. As a result, the cookie dough may smell like cardboard when you first receive it. For those that live further away from Los Angeles, you may risk receiving the cookie dough drier than anticipated. For all customers regardless of location, I highly recommend packing up the cookie dough in your own tupperware to maintain the moisture that keeps it gooey.

For a company that started back while I still attended college, I cannot believe that I only just discovered Edoughble. Perhaps I do not see them at enough local events, such as Renegade Craft Fair, Unique LA, or Artisanal LA? I sincerely hope that they consider obtaining a booth for more events in and around Los Angeles, as that would greatly increase the awareness of this company and product. If you want to taste the Edoughble difference, check them out on Facebook or Twitter, then visit their website (linked above) and order some for yourself!

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