Preview: The 2014 BierBuzz Masquerade Ball & Beer Festival

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Beer, Events, Inland Empire
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Halloween comes but once a year. Halloween also gives many people an excuse to dress up in strange and/or provocative ways. Sure any person can wear extremely lewd clothing at any time of the year, but Halloween gives us a cover. I mean, when else besides an anime convention can a gal show off her body as Black Rock Shooter? When else besides a comic convention can some bloke look like the bloodstain known as Deadpool? When people want to exhibit their craftsmanship but have no relevant outlet for it, they resort to displaying it during Halloween. A costume can mean one thing, but introduce alcohol and friends into the picture, and you have a wild and unforgettable ride. Cue in the delectable tastes of craft beer, and you have one of the best reasons to look forward to Halloween every year.

Halloween and craft beer meet this Saturday night at the 2014 BierBuzz Masquerade Ball & Beer Festival. Taking place at the Inland Empire Brewing Company in Riverside, this beer tasting event combines the wonders of the Fall season of craft beer with the unpredictability of Halloween costumes. In addition to all the beer tastings and the expected costume contests, local bands will play to break the silence, including Papafish, a band we have already seen earlier this year! General admission costs $35, comes with ten beer tasters, and starts at 6pm. VIP admission costs $45, comes with 15 beer tasters, and starts at 5pm. This event takes place mostly outdoors and will go on regardless of the weather. Guests can find plenty of free street parking throughout the neighborhood. No one under 21 may enter.

If you already have a costume, why not preview it to the public at the masquerade this Saturday? Nobody will critique you, and the intoxication may cause them to swoon over you! Check out these photos from last year’s masquerade ball if you still feel hesitant:

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