Preview: The Fall 2014 Artisanal LA

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Bacon, Dessert, Drinks, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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The Fall 2014 Artisanal LA returns to LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles this upcoming weekend. Featuring the latest and greatest of artisan food and drinks in Southern California, this all-ages designer edibles fair brings together the latest trends in food, drinks, fashion, accessories, and more. Hundreds of artists, chefs, bakers, designers, and more from across the world will showcase their goods and sell their wonderful products to all the attendees. Admission costs $12 presale or $15 at the door, or $20 for the entire weekend. Presale admission buyers will also receive a free tote bag when they arrive at Artisanal LA! Parking at the venue costs $15 per vehicle, but visitors can either search for other parking lots or street meters, or take public transportation to save on commute costs.

The bulk of the vendors set up on the 2nd floor of the LA Mart building, while the organizers reserve the 11th floor for workshops, demos, panels, tastings, and more. The 2nd floor features aisles after aisles full of vendors in each little space, all vying for attendees to try their goods, and hopefully generate a fan out of them. Due to the enclosed space with no industrial ventilation, most of the food arrives premade, or as cold/room temperature goods; however, last year a wagyu beef table proved the only real exception of cooking their food on the premises. From refreshing soft drinks to chocolates to ice cream to grass-fed beef to cakes and beyond, Artisanal LA truly exhibits the best of local Southern Californian flavor. Words cannot fully depict all that transpired at Artisanal LA, so take an abridged tour through the 2nd floor of last year’s event here:

Up on the 11th floor, attendees may mainly find demos, workshops, panels, and a few other odds and ends. Visitors will find a mini café in the middle of the space, serving sandwiches and wraps all constructed with local ingredients. For all the surrounding space, attendees have to look for a schedule that lists the programs and times that will take place at each spot.

The layout of Artisanal LA reminds me of Unique LA, but on a much grander scale, covering two floors all with food-related vendors. Artisanal LA appeals to anyone with a love for food, including those with dietary restrictions. Vegan? Gluten-free? Paleo? Artisanal LA has you covered with the plethora of vendors available. Those going the local/sustainable route should fear not, as virtually every vendor present follows that model. With this many options, anyone would have a tough time keeping track of all these delightful eats and treats, and where to purchase it all. Make sure to like Artisanal LA on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter to stay updated on any of their upcoming events.


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