Romping, Chomping, And Stomping At The 2014 Fullerton Uncorked

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Beer, Drinks, Events, Food, Orange County, Wine
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This past Saturday evening, the Fullerton Arborteum hosted their 2014 Fullerton Uncorked, a festival celebrating local food and wine. This tasting event brought out many of the local restaurants, wineries, and breweries to sample their goods to everyone in attendance. The $65 admission fee provided full access to all booths, allowing attendees to eat and drink as much as they could until the vendors ran out. The format followed that of another similar event that takes place here, Blues Brews N’ BBQ. Unlike that event, Uncorked had many more participating vendors, and covered more area of the Arboretum as a result. Attendance also appeared significantly higher than the aforementioned event, as not only did many of the vendors run out of product before the event came close to ending, but you seriously had to elbow your way through the crowds to get anywhere.

As one of the greater draws of Uncorked, attendees could sample as much of the food and drinks as they possibly could until the vendors ran out. Though many of the vendors ran out of food or drinks within a few hours into the event, a sole person could get full after visiting a handful of booths, as the vendors served hefty tastings. Sure they look small, but these hearty samples filled a person up quickly. Most of the wine vendors remained in place throughout the night, though I cannot say the same about the beer vendors, who all tapped out within two hours into the event. Perhaps the preference for craft beer has significantly increased since last year’s Uncorked! To put things into perspective, last year Hangar 24 finished one keg within two hours. This year, they ran through two kegs within 80 minutes. Considering that all beer vendors ran out in under two hours, and the wine remained pouring all night, this indicates one of two possible outcomes: that the majority of the attendees truly sought craft beer as opposed to wine, or that all the beer vendors simply did not bring enough for the party. Considering that Uncorked invited only the truly established breweries to this party who all know how to operate a tasting event, I would deny the latter claim.

Considering that I attended this annual event for the first time this past weekend, I held zero expectations for this event coming into this weekend. The amount of attendees showed that the organizers underestimated the amount of food and drinks required to keep the event going the entire time. I mean, a vendor that originally served sliders ended up served the meat over a bed of greens since they ran out of buns (last photo). Also consider that all the beer ran out within two hours out of a four-hour event. I hope the organizers take a good look at their attendance numbers and redesign the event based on that for next year’s Uncorked.

Interested in more events like this? The Arboretum routinely holds food and/or beverage events like Uncorked, so Like their Facebook page for updates regarding upcoming events.


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