The Final Taste of Downtown Long Beach of 2014 Brings The Fewest Restaurants Out

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Dessert, Events, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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Downtown Long Beach‘s series of tasting events moved down to the waterfront for an evening of sampling eats on the pier last week. The Taste of Downtown Long Beach invites many of area’s restaurants, bars, and other food businesses to come together to serve samples to all visitors looking to explore what Downtown Long Beach has to offer. Due to Long Beach’s structure of regional neighborhoods, a sole Taste of Long Beach would require too much work, and would come up to a loss rather than profit. With Belmont Shore running theirs in the summer, and Naples Island running theirs once a year, Downtown Long Beach runs their series of tasting events approximately three-four times per year, each in a different location. Participating businesses remain largely consistent between each event, with a few changes to accommodate for new businesses and others that could not or did not want to return. With each event, the location moves around from place to place within Downtown Long Beach, from the East Village Arts District to the bustling Pine Avenue on a busy weeknight. Last week, the taste moved down to Rainbow Harbor for an evening of feasting on the pier.

Unlike previous Tastes of Downtown Long Beach, this one did not feature as many participants. In fact, this one contained the fewest amount of participants out of all the events of the year. Many of the standard businesses made an appearance, while some others could not bring a setup out to the pier, such as Federal Bar or Beachwood BBQ.

The Sky Room‘s Chorizo Potato Taco and Apricot Creme Brûlée

Gladstone’s Lobster Mac & Cheese and Chocolate Ganache Mini Martini

Michael’s Pizzeria‘s Polpete al Forno

HootersBoneless Hot Wings

Visitors to this Taste of Downtown Long Beach could receive 90 minutes of free parking at The Pike’s parking structure. However, the website only mentioned this once, and very few of the visitors knew about this, and either resorted to paying for parking or took some other means to arriving that usually associated a cost or physical effort. I find this the fault of both sides – the website did not make parking an important point, and visitors must not have read the website thoroughly. Regardless, all visitors enjoyed tasting these fine eats out on the waterfront, despite the weather warmer than usual. Things will cool down by the next Taste of Downtown Long Beach which should occur in the winter.


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