Taking Big Bites & Big Gulps At The 1st Annual Celebrate Yorba Linda Street Fair

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Art, Beer, Events, Food Truck, Music, Orange County
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Events crop up all the time, either spontaneously or over time but with lack of advertising. This past Saturday, old town Yorba Linda saw the arrival of the 1st Annual Celebrate Yorba Linda Street Fair, a FREE and all-ages street fair with something for everyone. Although small geographically, this small street housed just enough to carry a little of everything to appeal to anyone visiting, from the vendors to the food to the music to the beer garden and more. I had discovered this event only a couple of days prior to it, and an internet search yielded little to no results, other than their stark website and a Facebook page that I discovered after I had left the event. Still, I had grossly underestimated this event, as it snowballed into something big by the day’s end.

To summarize what a visitor could find at this street fair, we have:

  • Free entry for all ages
  • A farmer’s market on the south end
  • Various local vendors
  • Food booths ran by local establishments
  • Free soft drinks courtesy of Diabolo
  • A kids’ zone
  • A local craft beer garden
  • Live music
  • Food trucks
  • An artists’ village

I arrived in the morning and departed in the afternoon, and I barely saw much action the entire time. Based on inquiring from those who stayed at the event until the end, this street fair picked up in volume later on, as the sun set and the weather cooled down. For an event with little to no internet presence, they did a good job at rallying the local community to visit this street fair and liven up an event that otherwise could have ended in a flop.

For a community based on strong traditional principles, Yorba Linda has slowly turned into a destination spot. Through events like this and the Taste of Yorba Linda, this quiet community can one day turn into a bustling city-life spot.


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