Beer Up – Dudes’ Brewing Finally Opens Their Tasting Room After A Year Of Teasing Us With Their Brews

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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After MUCH anticipation from craft beer fans throughout Southern California, Dudes’ Brewing in Torrance finally opened their doors to the public this past weekend. For over a year, Dudes’ Brewing has graced Southern California with their presence at multiple beer festivals, such as Bock Fest or Drink Good Beer Fest. Most, if not all, people who have encountered Dudes’ Brewing will recall the Grandma’s Pecan and/or the Kölschtal Eddy beers, as these two essentially represent the flagship beers of Dudes’ Brewing. With the opening of their doors this past weekend, Dudes’ Brewing marks yet another entry into the South Bay craft beer scene.

Their tasting room has just what it needs to feel homely for any dude or dudette entering the premises. An open space gives way to some tables, a wall ledge between the front door and the garage door, two televisions, Lebowski stickers & references everywhere, and of course the bar when the beertenders serve up their brews. The rest of the tasting room gives way to the production area, which not only includes their canning line, but the five tanks bearing the letters in the word DUDES’.

For the grand opening, Dudes’ Brewing did not celebrate alone. Pretzel Crisps and Tribe Hummus brought free samples for all guests to snack on. Food trucks also showed up right outside to serve up hot food to any hungry guest that needed more sustenance than just pretzel snacks.

For as long as they have brewed beer, one would expect them to have a full grasp on the grand opening of a tasting room. Unfortunately, some issues did arise right from the start. Perhaps what irked guests the most involved the beer servings. Not only did Dudes’ Brewing not fill growlers, but they did not have beer flights available, only opting to serve pints or half pints. Although Dudes’ Brewing originally advertised 13 taps, they started off with only nine brews available. Not only that, but their credit card swiping device did not function at the start, so they remained on a cash-only basis for quite some time. To make matters worse, the city police department set up checkpoints on both sides of Western Avenue early on Friday evening. Although I wanted to stick around longer to try more of the brews, I knew that lingering would get me into trouble, so I left before anything bad could go down.

Regardless of the rocky first weekend, Dudes’ Brewing had already stomped their foot down on the Southern California craft beer scene, and the opening of their tasting room only solidifies their position as a stronghold. Keep up with the happenings at Dudes’ Brewing by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Let me know in the comments section below what you think about Dudes’ Brewing if you attended the grand opening weekend, or after you have visited the tasting room.


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