A Punk Rock Birthday Night in East Los Angeles with Resilience, Destruction Made Simple, and More

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Events, Los Angeles, Music, Punk Rock
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Sometimes in dire places like East LA, one can only throw a killer birthday party with a brutal punk rock show. Skunk & Pedz did that last Friday night in East LA with a show filled with great local hardcore punk bands. This show saw many lineup changes in the few days prior to this show, and as a result, the show did not start until close to 9pm.

Opening the night, new band Evul Maniax opened to a small crowd. Coined as thrash punk, they sound very much like old D.R.I. with some metal or thrash influences. If you take D.R.I. vocalist Kurt Brecht and place him in a metal band, you get Evul Maniax.

Up next and still downstairs, we get a set from Underground Alliance. I had seen these guys at shows in the past, but never actually saw them perform until this show. Luckily I got to finally see them play, as they have a nice unique hardcore sound to them thanks to their vocalist. The instrumentals aside, vocalist Tony has what I can only describe as a comedian’s voice, yet applied to a punk rock background. I hope to see more of these guys soon.

Moving upstairs, we move to License To Kill. For such a generic name, they carry a darn good sound. If you have listened to songs from The Unseen, then you could say that License To Kill sounds like a harder version of The Unseen.

Skunk decided to make something happen for his birthday by drumming for the next band, Poor Ignorant Nuisance A.K.A. The P.I.N.s. Imagine the instrumentals of The Casualties and add the vocals of Narcoleptic Youth. This more or less describes how The P.I.N.s sound.

Skunk returned to play guitar for Empty Pockets up next. If these guys all look familiar, Empty Pockets represents a supergroup of the local music scene, including Justus from Slow Children. Fans of F-Minus will love Empty Pockets, as they sound like F-Minus that came from the backyard shows of East LA.

At long last, Destruction Made Simple could finally get onto the stage to bring the house down. I see these guys perform a lot, and they never disappoint. As a band that has existed for over a decade, they have not allowed the test of time to wear them down. Expect to see some great things from these guys in the near future.

The headliner finally came on right before the venue started to close, so Resilience wasted no time jumping into their set. As the headliner, they naturally drew much of the crowd towards the front of the stage. Their old school oi sound resonates well with any punk fan, bringing back memories of 80’s punk or British punk. If you like to see classic punk in action, head to a Resilience show while they still have their youth in them.

Check out all of the bands’ Facebook pages to stay up to date with all the news about the bands. Every band has shows coming up now that September has arrived indicating the year’s end when all the best shows come around.


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