Pacific Plate Brewing Turns A Year Old, And Shows No Signs Of Wavering

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Beer, Cars, Events, Los Angeles
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For the longest time, little to no one regarded the San Gabriel Valley as the place to go for craft beer. Historically, the San Gabriel Valley mainly houses very traditional citizens that prefer their “safe” beers. Industrial businesses take up most of the valley space, while corporate businesses thrive due to the local populace’s behavior of sticking to familiar things. Over the past decade, the amount of local businesses have started to increase, and with it, the preference of locals to visit these local establishments over the corporate businesses. This change in tastes opened the door for microbreweries to move in and take up residence as well. When the dust had settled, craft beer fans can now see the San Gabriel Valley as a place to visit for at least a day to get their beer-tasting on.

Last week, Pacific Plate Brewing turned a year old, and to celebrate, they hosted an anniversary party at their tasting room in Monrovia on Saturday. At this party, Pacific Plate released their First Anniversary Ale, a 10% Belgian strong dark ale. During the day, they also had a bunch of classic cars on display in their small parking lot. Throughout the day, a food vendor at the back of the parking lot kept all visitors fed, while a DJ spun music to break the silence.

For those who have not heard of Pacific Plate Brewing, they brew their beers using exotic Latin American ingredients. These Latin-inspired brews lend to the names of most of their beers, such as the Horchata Stout or the Copa De Oro. They went outside of their comfort zone to brew up two special beers for their anniversary: the aforementioned Belgian strong dark ale, and a 3.5% English mild ale.

Pacific Plate hosted a raffle to win various prizes as well.

Most of the breweries out in the San Gabriel Valley only opened recently, within the past year. As such, they still remain largely a local spot, as opposed to the breweries typically seen at a local beer festival. Now that Pacific Plate Brewing has completed a year in business, they ought to look into expanding beyond the small area of the San Gabriel Valley. Perhaps they can start getting into more restaurants or bars, or they can even start showing up at local beer festivals! In any event, keep an eye out for Pacific Plate Brewing in the near future, as they will come up faster than we expect.


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