The 3rd Annual Brews, Blues, N’ BBQ Festival – We Got Brews, And We Want More BBQ

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Beer, Events, Food, Music, Orange County
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Back again for their third year in a row, the Fullerton Arborteum hosted their 3rd Annual Brews, Blues, N’ BBQ Festival this past Saturday evening. As the name suggests, this event combines blues music, craft beer, and BBQ all into one locale. The $45 admission included a souvenir pint glass, ten 4-oz beer tasters, free parking, and live blues music. A total of 13 breweries attended to serve their brews, plus a Straub collective that consisted of three brands. A local winery also made their presence felt.

All of the breweries enclosed the main seating area, complete with a small stage for the live music. All attendees received a souvenir pint glass, but only received ten 4oz tasters with admission. As a result, all attendees walked away from each booth with their glass only a quarter filled.

For an event called Brews, Blues, N’ BBQ, one would expect to find much of all those things, no? We found plenty of beer and blues music, but not nearly enough BBQ. Only two food vendors served up food: Big B’s Barbecue, a local dive bar & grill, and Knowlwood, an Orange County chain restaurant. Everyone already knew that they had to pay a separate price for the food, since admission clearly stated that it did not include food. However, everyone expected more options overall. The prices also appeared inflated for the event, such as $10 for a chili dog, costing significantly more than even gourmet food truck prices.

Lack of food aside, nobody complained about the beer. By the end of the night, most of the breweries had plenty of beer left, and started pouring more than the stated four ounces.

I doubt anyone complained about the steadily increasing beer pours as the night progressed.

Considering that I missed the first two years of this event, I had high hopes for this beer festival coming into this weekend. Sadly, it did not live up to my expectations simply due to the lack of food options. For a small festival like this that has less than 20 breweries, I would expect at least four different food vendors, and greater food variety. What about people who do not eat meat, or have certain food allergies, such as gluten? Next year, I hope to see more food added so that the BBQ part of the name deserves to remain in the name of the event.

  1. […] until the vendors ran out. The format followed that of another similar event that takes place here, Blues Brews N’ BBQ. Unlike that event, Uncorked had many more participating vendors, and covered more area of the […]

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