Celebrating the 21st Birthday of the Drummer of Slow Children

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Events, Inland Empire, Music, Punk Rock
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How does a musician celebrate turning 21? By headlining their own show, of course! Slow Children‘s drummer Justus turned 21 last week, and on Saturday night, they headlined a local all-ages punk show at Maya’s Cafe in Home Gardens. Although the show only cost $5 to get in, the place certainly felt like it had seen better days, as the acoustics sounded rather bad, and the place does not have air conditioning, making for a very heated space to stand in. With the sound quality that low, one could not accurately absorb the bands’ music unless you already have heard them perform.

Starting off the night at 8:15pm, Pull Punch Pray opened to an instant circle pit. For a band that has no standardized internet presence, they sure brought their own old school presence with their decent fan base to this show. Although I have not heard of these guys before, nearly everyone present already knew what to expect. Their original hardcore sound lends very well to the hardcore punk genre, all leading up to their cover of I Love Livin’ In The City.

Next up, The Dogs played their grity set. Described as Riverside Happy Punk, this band with no internet presence played a solid, consistent set. They prefer not to muck around between songs, and jump right into the next while minimizing transitions. Despite this, they still played longer than half an hour, longer than any of the other bands of the night.

Before the headliner could go on, Heartless Folk played their punk set. Straight out of Berkeley, this young punk band currently remains on the road touring through who knows where. They went down to San Diego last week, and last mentioned their location in Oregon. But anyways, they played their set fast and direct, with no bells or whistles. They set the stage perfectly for the night’s headliner. They also bought a cake for Justus!

As the night’s headliner, everyone came into an already cramped and hot room for Slow Children. The crowd wasted no time occupying the space directly in front of the band. In a small venue like this, circle pits cannot occur naturally, so instead, the crowd decided to throw themselves onto the stage, which meant onto the band. Slow Children played a nice, hard set consisting of songs from their current album, such as Velvet Gloves, Mind Of My Own, plus many other of their classic songs. Listening to their studio songs do them no justice, as they sound infinitely much better in person. The screams plus the distorting song tempos make for an unforgettable performance that deserves a larger stage.

Want to see more of Slow Children? Give them a Like on Facebook (linked at the top of this post) to see where they will play next, such as tomorrow night in Corona.


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