The 2014 Idea World Fitness Expo – Power To The Protein

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Events, Food, Orange County, Sports
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The 2014 Idea World Fitness Convention & Expo came to the Anaheim Convention Center last week. As one of the world’s largest fitness conferences, visitors from all over the world traveled to Orange County within the past week to check out this convention, full of workshops, speakers, demos, competitions, vendors, and more. From Wednesday through Sunday of last week, various seminars, sessions, workshops, and demos took place that registered attendees could participate in and gain valuable knowledge, or further their athletic career. From Thursday through Saturday, the Fitness & Nutrition Expo opened up to the public, and anyone who registered online for that expo could enter for free. This expo contained numerous vendors all exhibiting the latest in sports equipment, wellness services, new technology in sports, and food trends.

Those in the fitness or wellness industry definitely should have registered for the full conference, gaining immense benefits towards their business, or towards their training. For everyone else, attending the free expo yielded great returns in terms of content, networking opportunities, and all the free samples of protein goodies. I attended the expo on Saturday only, and as I approached the convention center, a competition took place outside. While the movements resembled crossfit movements, the equipment did not match, so this appeared as a generic athletics competition.

Once inside the convention center, I entered into vendor land, a scene all too familiar with me. Luckily I had entered from the north side, where all the food vendors set up to give out samples.

Yoplait handed out samples of their Greek yogurt line. Not to complain, but other yogurt vendors nearby had better-quality yogurt.

Thanks to GNC for the free shaker bottles, plus all the protein powder and protein bar samples.

Daiya provided dairy-free and gluten-free samples of their products with cheese. Their pizza had just arrived fresh out of the oven. Give them a try – their products seriously taste just like regular cheese.

As a general rule of thumb, minimize carbs unless anticipating a cardio workout within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, those carbs convert to fat if not properly burned. Maple syrup may help some athletes, as long as they utilize all the energy provided by the syrup.

About Time sells instant protein powder, bottle included. Basically, you get a clear plastic bottle with a scoop of whey protein in it already, and you simply add water and shake for a dose of protein. Personally, I pre-scoop my own whey protein into a shaker bottle and keep that with me wherever I go in case I need to protein up.

Ah Krave Jerky, I run into you all the time at various locations, such as Artisanal LA. I like that they have a new flavor out now – black cherry barbecue pork.

As the name implies, Two Moms started as two mothers wanting to create healthy snacks. At least their truffles taste like real chocolate truffles!

Turning the corner, we find GO Veggie! They make food substitutes with vegetables, such as dairy-free cheese. The look & feel resembles cheese, but as far as taste goes, real cheese has it going on.

Kefir Milk has such a vast amount of health benefits that could fill up an entire book. Although it costs a pretty penny, if you strive to get into better shape, look into purchasing Kefir Milk for yourself.

A vendor claims that chocolate milk has plenty of health benefits, especially to active people. As specified above, it helps mainly to those expecting a cardio workout within the next 24 hours. Unfortunately for those not expecting that, chocolate milk has way too much sugar per serving. I would not recommend anyone drink chocolate milk, and even if you intend to complete a cardio workout, better methods of absorbing carbs exist.

Well hello Navitas Naturals. I have not seen you since Seattle last year.

Howdy Quest Nutrition. Thanks for the free protein bar and protein chips samples. I had no idea protein chips existed until I discovered this booth.

I currently own a jar of Dymatize ISO 100, and it works terrific, better than most generic brands. It tastes more sweet and less chalky than most other brands too.

The Fitness Cue bar serves to help balance the body, in terms of grip, posture, and stretching.

The ActivMotion Bar represents a typical barbell, but clear and with steel ball bearings inside. This helps with balance when carrying a barbell for the power-lifters out there.

In the back, something happened with dogs around this small course. I never got a chance to find out the vendor’s name.

Slackline Industries brought these balancing bands, where everybody tried different things such as hand-balancing or squatting.

The Tabata workout generally consists of a high-intensity movement over a certain interval of time followed by a small rest period, then starting it up again. For example, a group can do push-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat for X amount of minutes.

Big Mike’s Fitness had a deal going on where anyone who completed ten pull-ups could spin the wheel for the prize shown.

Spartan Race held a demo in front of their booth, challenging anyone to complete 30 burpees in under a minute. I can barely reach 20 in a minute, so I opted not to participate. I never discovered what the winners received.

The Idea World Fitness Expo opens their doors to all demographics of all ages, not just those in the industry or those who work out frequently. Fit people love this expo because they can keep up with latest trends and news in the fitness industry. Casual visitors like this expo because they can learn the right ways to get fit, as well as feel motivated after seeing all the fit people around. When an expo like this comes your way, consider attending to see what it truly takes to stay fit, and gain first-hand experience from people who know how to stay fit.


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