Walking Together & Rocking Together With 7 Seconds

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Events, Los Angeles, Music, Punk Rock
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Legendary punk band 7 Seconds recently went on a US summer tour that started in July, and that tour ended in California last week. This past Saturday, they played the second-to-last show of their tour at the Glass House in Pomona to a sold-out wild crowd. Tickets had just sold out that day, so any fan had plenty of time to obtain a ticket. For those that did not, fret not, for I have a brief recap of the night.

Opening the night, we have Anti-Christ Demon Core, stylized as ACxDC. This grindcore band held nothing back as they started their set, immediately driving the crowd into a frenzied circle pit. The pit subsided quick though, leaving only a few boys to raise ruckus by slamming into people. Although they have a huge following of their own, their music reminds me of Converge, a very popular metalcore band. ACxDC’s strong fan base gives them a great crowd wherever they go, regardless of the type of venue or show.

Up next, The Copyrights took to the stage to start their set. Although classified as a pop-punk band, they sound nothing like mainstream pop-punk bands, performing a sound of their own along the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket and Millencolin. Nearly everyone present had definitely heard The Copyrights’ music before, but many could not put a name to the face. Anyone with a punk-themed Pandora station will have heard The Copyrights, such as one of their more recognizable songs, Charlie Birgertime. They played a solid fun set, not coming off as too poppy for the crowd.

At last, the big moment of the night arrived when JFA appeared on stage. Some may argue that the night’s true headliners did not play last. When you put things into perspective, JFA does hold more of a legacy than any of the other bands in the night. All other bands acknowledged the significance of JFA playing at this show, yet JFA only went second-to-last. This truly tested the energy of the crowd, as it appeared that the entire room expended all of their adrenaline into this one set. This did not happen without meaning – JFA always delivers a brutal performance not fit for the faint of heart. They started with We Know You Suck, and from there, chaos ensued as the venue’s security could not maintain the crowd any longer. One by one, fans jumped over the railing, onto the stage, then jumped back into the crowd, kicking any unaware fans in the front, including me. Other songs in their set included Lowrider, Johnny D, Charlie Brown, and Beach Blanket Bongout. Check out a JFA show soon and experience why so many punk rock bands and fans regard them as legends.

The tension in the room expanded vastly as the anticipation for 7 Seconds reached peak levels. With no real surprises or tricks up their sleeves, 7 Seconds delivered an exciting show to all the eager fans in attendance. They wasted little time transitioning between songs, opting to play songs into the start of the next song. Some of their more recognizable songs came towards the end, with Walk Together Rock Together serving as the final song of the encore, so those who remained in the concert hall the entire time could rock out with everyone else. The rest of the set contained plenty of old songs with some new songs thrown in there. Of course 7 Seconds would play Regress and Young Till I Die, but they also surprised the crowd with a cover of Sham 69’s If The Kids Are United. Despite the legacy status of 7 Seconds, the crowd did not get nearly as wild as they did during JFA, likely because they all ran out of energy during JFA’s set. This indicates nothing about the enthusiasm of the crowd, as the pit did stretch back all the way to the back wall. After all these years, 7 Seconds still has the young spirit in them to perform intense shows like this, just like their songs states that they will stay young until they die.

Miss out on this show? Make sure you LIKE the Facebook pages of all the bands that performed in this show. They will always post information regarding upcoming shows there first, so hit them up!


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