The 6th Annual Unique LA Summer Market – Fun With Fashion And Food

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Art, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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The 6th Annual Unique LA Summer Market returned to the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. As one of the largest independent designer shows in the nation, hundreds of artists, crafters, designers, cooks, bakers, mixologists, and more gathered to exhibit and sell their wares to attendees. Unique LA emphasizes creativity in the United States, as every vendor hails from the United States and makes their products here. Taking place in the top floor penthouse, the show floor expanded to two full sides of the building, and the California Market Center consists of two buildings connected twice, looking like a hollow rectangle when viewing from the sky. Among the many art, apparel, and accessories vendors, some specialty vendors existed, such as cutlery or tupperware.

I mainly regret not going earlier on Saturday, perhaps the busiest time of the weekend. Regardless, I still managed to stumble upon a handful of vendors that I recognized, which included Donut Friend, Velvet Rope Bake Shop, MNKR (whom I purchased two shirts from), and Maya Brigadeiro. I interacted with numerous diverse vendors at Unique LA, and I believe that anyone can find exactly what they want at Unique LA.

As one of the nation’s largest gatherings that caters to local independent artists and crafters, Unique LA grants an outlet to young entrepreneurs in a tough free market dominated by large corporations. Stay on the trail of Unique LA via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter to find out when the next show returns.

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