Circle Pit Shenanigans With Narcoleptic Youth, Love Canal, And More

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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Locally famous punk rock band Narcoleptic Youth headlined a small show in La Habra last Saturday night. With a lineup of six bands, this all-ages show cost only $10 to enter, and provided a solid five hours of pulse-pounding punk rock music. Nothing unusual occurred at this show – all the bands played their sets, and the audience got into it when they felt the mood.

Opening the night, Psyk Ward got going with their quick set. Although their set appeared to last at least 20 minutes, they took very long to transition between songs. They probably only played about five or six songs total, since they used their song breaks to chat with people in the audience. Of the songs they played, they represent traditional Southern California punk rock with no real unique features. Still, they set the stage well for the rest of the night.

Up next, Corrupted Youth took to the stage. I have seen these guys a handful of times in the past, and their sound has not changed. With a tone similar to The Casualties, this band from Boyle Heights fits the true persona of East LA in a punk rock band. Although they still took breaks between songs, their gaps did not last as long as the previous bands, who felt the need to talk between songs. Corrupted Youth just took a quick breather before entering the next song. This 30-minute set of carnage set off the night, as the pit started going hard from this point on.

Locally famous hardcore punk band Sorry State came up next.I last saw these guys right here in this same venue. Just like last time, I had desired to see them perform in a larger venue with better acoustics. The audio quality did not sound as bad this time, as I could finally decipher some of the lyrics and music. Sorry State always makes for a fun time, and the audience sure loved the set.

Starting off the second half of the night, we have the Broken Patron Saints. Their vocalist has a gritty voice, similar to that of Cheap Sex, while the instrumentals sound like The Misfits. Put together, you have an odd combination of catchy, grim music along with someone yelling at you. Though that may sound like a bad idea, it actually worked out to give them their own identity that sets them apart from all the other punk bands out there. Their vocalist remained in front of the fence for almost the entire set, preferring to engage with the circle pit while on the mic.

Although not the night’s headliner, a large percent of the audience had shown up just for the next band, Love Canal. One of the original founding fathers of the Orange County punk scene, this band that started in the early 1980’s still has it going on. When I saw them perform, I kept envisioning the nardcore scene in my head, despite Love Canal playing a more fast-paced punk sound than the hard sounds of nardcore. Seeing Love Canal perform brings back memories of the old punk shows from many years ago. If you seek a punk show like the good old days, you have to see Love Canal live.

Finally we get to the final headliner of the night, Narcoleptic Youth. No surprises exist as to why they have the greatest fans – no other bands can imitate their unrivaled fast-paced hardcore punk sound. At times, you would think that vocalist Joey raps during their songs, which many of them have to do with the vices of today’s society. As they have a new album coming out, their set contained a solid mix of old and new songs, with plenty of fan favorites such as Mini Van Soccer Mom, Is This Punk, McAnarchy, Busted Condom, and Bitch Needs A Muzzle. This set also contained a few covers, such as Falling Out by D.I. and Numbers and Easy Way Out by The Adicts. Narcoleptic Youth has quickly become one of my favorite live bands, and after seeing a Narcoleptic Youth performance, you may want more of them too.

Check out all of the bands’ Facebook pages, as they all have shows coming up very soon. Also pay attention to events at the 13th Frame Lounge, as they have shows going on every week.


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