Skanking In The Park With GOGO13

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Events, Music, Orange County, Ska
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Every year, various parks around Orange County host FREE and all-ages concerts in the summer. Two years ago, they set the bar high with a free Aquabats show. Last Thursday night, OC Parks returned again with a free show featuring Orange County natives GOGO13. This show followed up on the previous week at this location, where Suburban Legends headlined the free show. At all of this summer’s concerts at Orange County Parks, expect the show to last about two hours, and expect a few food trucks and maybe a vendor or two. Since these shows tend to take place on a weekday, they will remain light on content, focusing on the headlining band and the bountiful parks in Orange County.

The Hawkline Monster opened the night with a solo acoustic set. This band from Long Beach normally rolls as a full band that plays indie rock music. Without any explanation, a single member of the band played a half-hour acoustic set instead. The crowd still enjoyed it, as the kids all danced away during the songs. As a solo acoustic singer, this style greatly reminded me of Gary Jules. Upon listening to their studio tracks, they sound more like an indie rock band.

Before GOGO13 could get started, a sizable group of kids approached the stage and sat around it, remaining there for most of the hour. The crowd got right into the mood, getting up to start dancing, swinging, and skanking once the music started. GOGO13 plays a fun, peppy set, not really going for anything super fast that may cause people to start slamming into things. GOGO13 does more than just play music – they entertain crowds with their antics and acting. They may even cover popular songs during their set! GOGO13 truly deserves to headline shows, and I believe they deserve a larger crowd.

Want more of GOGO13? Pay attention to their Facebook page linked above, for you will hear of any news first on that site.


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