Tasting Tradition At The 24th Annual Taste of Yorba Linda

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Dessert, Drinks, Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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The 24th Annual Taste of Yorba Linda took place last Friday evening at the Yorba Linda Community Center. This functioned just like any other food tasting event – for a flat price, guests could enter and taste as much food as they can for the allotted time. Restaurants from all over Yorba Linda, plus a few from around Orange County, arrived at this tasting gala to serve their delicious eats to any visitor that would visit their booth. Admission cost $45 presale or $55 at the door, and included unlimited food tastings plus two drink tickets good for beer or wine. Guests started their tour of the event inside the community center, which featured a large hall of multiple tables to receive food from or to explore services, and other rooms that housed silent auctions.

Too many people crowded up the inside tasting area, while the outside remained fairly spacious. Plenty more vendors existed outside, with most of the alcohol pouring out here. Besides all the food and drinks, guests would find the stage for the live music, and cars on display in case anybody wanted to buy a new car.

What would a tasting event do without the food? As stated above, most of the food vendors present resides in Yorba Linda, while a select few commuted from elsewhere. From private caterers to public restaurants, all sorts of businesses brought different types of food to the table. For the most part, the food samples remained traditional in the culinary sense. For example, more than enough vendors made pulled pork sliders, at least three vendors brought pizza, and too many vendors made tacos. After tasting all the food outside, it perplexes me that the food that stood out the most came from private vendors, or non-restaurant vendors, such as senior citizen centers. Capriana made lamb sliders and mandarin orange tiramisu, Sunrise made chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, and Emeritus made BBQ spare ribs. No one else’s quality could come close to the food brought forth by these senior citizen communities. Man, old people get the best food!

Most people tend to not regard Yorba Linda as a city for nightlife or for visiting destinations. Yorba Linda represents a homely, peaceful community with little volatility. As a result, one should not expect to see glamorous foods or find exotic tastes around the corner. The citizens here prefer what they have familiarity with – foods that they grew up with. This explains the lack of truly creative foods at this tasting, and why guests would find foods like tacos, pizza, and pulled pork everywhere. This may also explain the drinking trend – most of the guests opted to go for wine, since wine styles bear universality no matter what. Most of the guests did not understand craft beer, so the microbreweries did not see as much action as the few booths serving mass-produced beer. Thankfully, unlike some tasting events in other cities, this event minimized the corporate businesses and focused more on the local businesses. Other than Rubio’s and Albertson’s, all the other vendors could call Orange County their home. I would recommend returning to this next year for the 25th Annual Taste of Yorba Linda, especially if you do not reside near Yorba Linda. This would give you a chance to explore a city that otherwise would go unnoticed.

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