Summer has undoubtedly arrived, what with the heat wave and all. The weather does not seem that it will lose some degrees in the next month or two, so cool off with a nice cold treat. Some people may not have a sweet tooth like I do, but they have to treat themselves occasionally. Sometimes, your body just craves it – when you feel hot, your body tells you to go find something cold to eat or drink. If you plan on powering through this heat wave, I have some suggestions on how to cool yourself off in Southern California.

5. Café Lucca‘s Daily Gelato

Who can resist ice cream? I generally avoid temptation unless I cannot resist it. When presented with fresh gelato made daily, then my heart melts and gives in to the temptation to order it. Walking into Café Lucca in Orange, you immediately stumble upon a wealth of Gelato that they make daily. Flavors vary from traditional stracciatella or lemon to far-out combinations like the Melvis (pictured above) – banana gelato with peanut butter swirls, honey, and bacon bits. No matter what flavor you prefer, you will surely find a gelato that you would love to share, but will probably finish on your own. Small, medium, and large sizes cost $4, $5, and $6, respectively.

4. Capital Seafood‘s “Egg Pudding”

Making food taste good represents a primary challenge to all chefs and cooks, as every single person in the world has a unique palate. One particular food that a person likes may not resonate so well with the next person. In the end, everyone agrees that food that looks visually appealing will taste better than something merely thrown onto the plate. Capital Seafood understands this concept well, as they carefully administer the finest designers for all of their dishes. While Capital Seafood specializes in family-style servings, they can get intimate with some items, especially dessert. As a special treat, Capital Seafood has their own rendition of “Egg Pudding” unlike traditional egg pudding that looks like flan. The tops of brown eggs shells get carefully carved out to allow just enough room to insert a spoon, and those hollow egg shells get filled with a variety of special custard-like puddings. The list of flavors contains a strong amount of choices, such as strawberry, vanilla bean, green tea, and sesame. So far, I have only spotted this at the Irvine Spectrum location of Capital Seafood. Call ahead of time to ensure that they have this egg-cellent dessert available.

3. Flurries Shaved Snow Bar‘s Tropical Colada

Tropical flavors typically resonate well with people seeking a refreshing treat to cool off from the hot weather. Tropical treats exist virtually anywhere, but Flurries Shaved Snow Bar in Cypress does a great job at incorporating not only light refreshing flavors, but also richer and unique combinations. One cannot easily describe what shaved snow looks and tastes like. I describe shaved snow as shaved sorbet or gelato, but even that does not truly describe Flurries. To see for yourself, head on in and order the Tropical Colada, which contains pineapple snow, pineapple syrup, oranges, and coconut shavings. Keep in mind that each cup comes with two layers – snow at the bottom, toppings in the middle, more snow over that, and more toppings on top. One may immediately ponder that two layers means sharing. Allow me the pleasure of suggesting that you order your own, because you will not want to share upon your first bite.

2. Bruxie Waffles‘ Dulce De Leche Shake

When thinking about refreshing treats during the summer, people tend to stay away from heavy and/or rich treats. A piña colada will occupy more hands at a beach than a chocolate milkshake. Once in a while, you just get that craving that you must satisfy your sweet tooth, despite the weather. Luckily, you can both satisfy your sweet tooth and refresh yourself at your local Bruxie Waffles. Bruxie may have a solid lineup of waffle eats, but they also hand-craft their own drinks, such as their Dulce De Leche Shake. Caramel milkshakes exist all over the place, but this one has a more icy feel to it than a thick feel, resulting it a crisper, colder drink with just as much of a caramel burst. Add some zing to your meal by ordering this baby the next time you visit Bruxie Waffles for one of their yummy waffle sandwiches. This milkshake will bring YOU to the yard.

1. Tropical Shave Ice‘s Hawaiian Shave Ice

How can you go wrong with a classic? A large difference exists between shave ice and shaved ice. Shaved ice represents another term for a snow cone, simply ultra-crushed ice, resulting in a gritty crunchy feeling when eating the ice. Also, this ice does not absorb flavorings very well, such as syrups and cream. Shave ice represents ice shaved so finely resulting in a smooth and velvety texture, almost like eating ice cream. Tropical Shave Ice roams around Southern California providing authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice to the masses. Owners Rick & EJ come directly from Hawaii to show you not only the Aloha spirit, but shave ice so fine that you would swear upon eating ice cream. They make all syrups and flavorings at home using real cane sugar and natural flavors, without worry about preservatives or artificial ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup. A regular size costs $3.50, while a large costs $4.50. In the hot summer weather, prepare to eat this fast, because when this heats up, the shave ice loses its texture as it all melts together. For the best traditional shave ice, track this truck down!


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