Slow Children Headlines a Free Skate & Punk Show in Riverside

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Events, Inland Empire, Music, Punk Rock
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Many great music shows have gone on in the past few weeks in Southern California, covering all sorts of genres, age ranges, and price ranges. Last Friday night, a free all-ages show took place at Inkonsiderate Board Shop in Riverside. Originally planned for Back To The Grind, this show got moved to a new location, and with it, one band dropped out for another local band. This show still saw a huge turnout, considering no age limits or cover charge to attend. This location also attracted quite a number of skaters, as ramps and pipes decorated the area around the music area.

An hour and fifteen minutes after the first band should have started, Pubic Zirconians finally got under way. This local punk band from Riverside plays, as their name suggests, dirty filthy songs about sex and money. They performed a solid, energetic set, enough to get the crowd in motion.

Up next, we get a different change of pace in the form of Stay Wild. This band from Apple Valley sounds a lot like a post-hardcore band than a hardcore punk band, based on their instrumental style and lyrics with a message. A huge difference exists between what punk bands say and what post-hardcore bands say. Punk bands will generally say lots of curse words, and talk about sex, money, drugs, and/or alcohol. Post-hardcore bands will say meaningful things with morals and calls to action. As I have not gone to a post-hardcore show in quite a while, seeing Stay Wild felt refreshing to re-embrace a genre that I occasionally listen to.

Touring all the way from Seattle, Waywards came on next. Along their way down here from Seattle, they played at shows regularly, from Portland to Fresno, all while enjoying the sights and taking in this slight vacation. Despite this pseudo vacation, they still know how to rock, albeit with a different style of punk than Southern Californians might recognize. Their gritty tone sets them apart, an instrumental vibe not heard often in Southern California.

At last, Slow Children riled up the crowd for their headlining performance. Everyone squeezed in for this last reprieve, leaving little room to do much else. This set consisted mainly of songs from their current album, Prevalent Emotional Distress, starting with Mind Of My Own and Velvet Gloves before moving on to some of their newer songs. As always, these guys rock hard and represent the genre like no other band of their generation. These guys will go far, and their tours, such as an upcoming west coast tour this Fall, will only help to spread their legacy.

Slow Children has another show coming up in Southern California! Make sure you head on over to check out this show with an epic lineup consisting of Narcoleptic Youth, Destruction Made Simple, and more!


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