MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. Brings a Taste of Scotland Into the SoCal Craft Beer Market

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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Craft beer has a huge market in Southern California that continually expands annually. This past weekend, MacLeod Ale Brewing Company opened their doors to the public with a grand opening complete with food trucks, bagpipe players, and of course, beer. Now you may think to yourself, “Oh great, another brewery.” Let me tell you that this brewery with a Scottish background sets themselves apart from the others by focusing on cask ales. Most breweries have their own niche with what they brew, and MacLeod chose cask beers. Out in the San Fernando Valley, breweries have not established themselves as part of the community, largely due to Anheuser Busch’s dominance in this territory. MacLeod hopes to break ground and start getting microbreweries out to this area.

At the grand opening this past Sunday, MacLeod celebrated it by hosting four two-hour tasting sessions starting at noon and running until 8pm. Each session cost $15 to attend, and included up to 50 ounces of beer in any combination of their four brews available. Guests wanting more beer could purchase more at $3 per 10oz. Hungry guests could munch on food from any of the available food trucks that rotated throughout the day. The four cask beers they had available:

  • Little Spree – 4.3% pale ale
  • King’s Taxes – 4.3% light Scottish ale
  • Session Gap – 3.5% ordinary bitter
  • Jackie Tar – 3.5% brown stout

MacLeod Ale plans to have seasonal brews throughout the year, so check them out in Van Nuys, or keep an eye out for them at your favorite beer store, restaurant, bar, or pub!

  1. MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. says:

    Thanks for the write up! One small note: we are serving British Imperial Pints, which are 20oz; half pints are 10oz. We hope to see you all in the taproom, W-F 5-10pm and Sa/Su Noon-10pm. –MacLeod Ale

  2. jamiejennifernovak says:

    Nice write up! Wish I could’ve made it to the grand opening.
    That Little Spree Pale Ale is tasty

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