The 2nd Annual Nepenthia Beer Garden Celebrates the Bounty of Local Brews

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Art, Beer, Drinks, Events, Food, Orange County
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The first out of five days of the Nepenthia collective of events kicked off this past Saturday afternoon with the 2nd Annual Nepenthia Beer Garden. Taking place at Farmers Park right outside the Anaheim Packing House in Downtown Anaheim, this outdoor festival took the concept of a beer festival and added local artists and free food, essentially yielding a VIP experience. 15 Southern Californian microbreweries participated in this festival to serve their refreshing brews for this hot sunny day, accompanied by food from four of the local area’s beer-friendly restaurants. Around the venue, guests could stroll through the park, observing the garden and the various art on display, some of which guests could purchase to take home. Any guests searching for solace away from the heat could enter the Anaheim Packing House nearby to rest and browse the shops there. Although admission cost $55, more than the average beer fest price of $40, this festival did provide unlimited beer and food while supplies lasted. However, only four tables served food, and one ran out early, leaving for some long lines for food that eventually ran out before the festival ended.

The participating vendors included more than just art – available merchandise also included accessories and apparel.

Out of the original lineup of participating food businesses, two of them did not procure a booth within the festival. Instead, Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream and Buy N’ Bulk operated out of the Packing House. Neither of them featured any specials for Nepenthia’s attendees though, so they basically did not participate in the event at all. Fireside Tavern did participate in the festival, greeting guests as the first table visible upon entering. Their Pork Belly Sliders flew like hotcakes, so much so that they had ran out of food in less than two hours into the event. Further down the row, Hopscotch Tavern roasted their Al Pastor pork on a spit, attracting many of the alluring scent of the chiles, spices, and pineapple. They used the pork to make Al Pastor Street Tacos, a big hit with all guests. SlapFish made an appearance to serve their Lobster Grinder. Lastly, The Iron Press garnered a long line for their Chicken & Waffles samples. Unfortunately, they did not use fresh, crispy waffles. Instead, we received soggy waffles, so these samples did not accurately represent the food from The Iron Press.

15 microbreweries from Southern California participated in Nepenthia to serve their refreshing summer brews. Every brewery focused on flavor without going heavy for their beers served here, as this festival aims to celebrate the seasonal bounty of beers. From the front to the back, guests would have discovered great beers from:

  1. Beach City Brewing
  2. Karl Strauss Brewing
  3. Beachwood Brewing
  4. Bottle Logic Brewing
  5. Hangar 24 Craft Brewery
  6. Noble Ale Works
  7. Coronado Brewing
  8. Stone Brewing
  9. Smog City Brewing
  10. El Segundo Brewing
  11. Taps Brewery
  12. Ritual Brewing
  13. Valiant Brewing
  14. Cismontane Brewing
  15. Bootlegger’s Brewery

As of the date of this posting, only two days remain in the Nepenthia collective’s five days of events. Hopscotch Tavern has Taco Tuesday going on tonight, while The Iron Press at the Anaheim Packing House will host a Nepenthia closing party on Wednesday night. You can still obtain some Nepenthia beer at Noble Ale Works until it runs out. If you missed the beer at the festival, or completely missed the festival, check out the beer at Noble Ale Works, and check out the final event at The Iron Press.

  1. […] In the days leading up to this event, I only worried about excess attendance and having to wait in lines for food. Fortunately this issue never surfaced greatly thanks to having two sessions instead of cramming everyone into one session. At times, a few of the vendors had to catch up on making food, so some people inevitably had to wait in a line. In the end, this event never turned into a wait fest, unlike some other similar events. Stay tuned to 100eats in the upcoming year as they plan to bring back some of their original events, such as PigOut and Nepenthia. […]

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