Enjoying Some Nostalgia at A Little Known Shop’s Fan Alley

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Art, Events, Orange County
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Hidden gems can exist in the most unlikely of places. A Little Known Shop in Anaheim perfectly represents that, creating a artful hidden oasis on a road with uneven pavement just outside. This small arts & crafts shop often hosts local art events in this small Community, catering to the locals with a passion for art and nostalgia. This past Saturday evening, A Little Known Shop hosted Fan Alley, an arts & crafts meetup for sci-fi and comics fans. Local artists gathered to exhibit their work, all themed towards sci-fi, comics, video games, anime, and other cartoonish themes. Nostalgia best describes the visuals present, with all the vendors bringing work that allows visitors to remember their childhood. Throughout the night, shop staff would call out raffle tickets for visitors to win prizes of items from the shop.

Additionally, A Little Known Shop also hosted a cosplay contest during the night. Approximately 15 participants strutted their stuff for all other visitors to vote on throughout the event. I would say that some of them did not put much effort into their costumes, with one simply wearing a hat with a character’s face on it. Of the participants that put effort into their costumes, the following exhibited the most craftsmanship:

This hidden gem feels like a sanctuary in an otherwise divey neighborhood. Outside the shop, old dive bars crowd up the front of the strip mall, but when you step into the realm of A Little Known Shop, you find yourself in a peaceful place. Check out A Little Known Shop for their amazing art selection, or if you missed the event and want to check it out what else they can do, head on down this Saturday from 6-9pm for their monthly art walk, complete with food trucks and an artist signing.

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