Anacon 2014 – As Teemo Says, “Size Doesn’t Mean Everything”

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Art, Events, Orange County
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The comics world has seen a lot of major events recently, and it continued with Anacon 2014 this past Sunday. Taking place at the Embassy Suites in Garden Grove, vendors and artists from all over gathered here to exhibit and/or sell comics, toys, cards, figurines, and more. Visitors could find a decent selection of nostalgic memorabilia, old comic issues, rare action figures, neat souvenirs, and occasional cosplayers here. A video game competition at the back allowed some visitors to compete for prizes as well. All of this took place in a rather small ballroom at the Embassy Suites. Compared to larger similar events, Anacon measured about a quarter or less of the size of the big comic conventions. However, as the popular little guy Teemo says, “Size doesn’t mean everything” – this event only cost $5 to enter, and provided a host of things to do while strolling through the four aisles of feats to look at.

For such a small space, this event saw quite a good amount of visitors throughout the day. I would have liked to see more people in costumes, but considering that LA Cosplay Con occurred the previous day, I would imagine that many of that event’s attendees expended all their energy there, or that many cosplayers simply did not know about Anacon. If the latter, then I hope that this event can grow to stand toe to toe with that of the larger events out there, as they have a great concept, but just needs some momentum to really get more people to know about, attend, and tell other people about Anacon.


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