Implants Headline a Small Free Show in Pomona

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Events, Inland Empire, Music, Punk Rock
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This past Saturday night at Friar Tuck’s in Pomona, Implants headlined a small show, accompanied by some other local punk bands. For a small venue, the acoustics sounded much better than expected, yet it still does not match the sound quality of an actual concert venue. Regardless, all the bands that performed this night delivered a killer set, all backed by the supportive audience.

Opening the night, we have Slow Children. As one of Southern California’s top undiscovered punk bands, I always make an effort to see these guys. For some reason, they only played a 15 minute set, which made me sad since I came to this show mainly to see them. Their brief set consisted mainly of songs from their current album plus a few new tracks. After such a brief set, I ended up buying their album. After all, we need to support our local music scene!

Light Speed Go played their set next. Hailing from Arizona, they played a solid set with enjoyable music. Part of their music reminded me of a band that would play at the Warped Tour, not that this indicates a bad thing. They just do not have the typical “hard” sound that many independent Southern California punk bands have.

Local band Kill Corporations set up on stage next. Their sound greatly resembles Grade, both with instrumentals and vocals. Kill Corporations has a slight post-hardcore sound about them, while their bio describes them as a punk/metal band. They do not alienate anyone with their music – fans of both punk and/or metal music would enjoy what Kill Corporations puts out.

Logically, DC Fallout would have played next. However, Implants ended up setting up next. As the night’s originally planned headliner, they drew the largest crowd towards the front of the room. Implants performed with a very humble attitude, as they strongly connected with the crowd. They have a massive fan base, yet still performs like a local band. Local music fans always welcome bands that will connect well with them, and Implants did a great job with interacting with the crowd.

Closing out the night, we have DC Fallout. Most of the audience had attended the show for Implants, so DC Fallout did not have as great a crowd as Implants did. That did not stop them from stomping out a full-effort set, and those in the crowd that stuck around got to receive a great set.

As previously mentioned, I attended this show primarily to see Slow Children. They have a show coming up on Friday, June 27th. Keep that night clear so you can see some authentic Southern California punk in action! Check out all of the other bands’ Facebook pages for their upcoming shows as well.


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