Although I had known about the 13th Frame Lounge since over a year ago, I had never actually gone to the venue until this past weekend, when Whitekaps headlined a small show there. The venue makes a huge difference in the quality of the audio, and acoustically, small bars such as this one rarely have great sound quality. Larger venues designed for big music shows have better sound quality, so when I went to the 13th Frame Lounge for the first time, the setup of the room lent very poorly to the sounds of the bands. I say this because I have heard Whitekaps in a larger venue before, and they sounded much better there than in small venues. As such, I cannot accurately review the music for this show due to the loss of audio quality in a small venue. Despite allowing all ages to attend, I may have only seen no more than two others under 21 in attendance. Everyone present appeared to know each other, so this show felt like a hangout for the friends and families of the bands. For a punk rock show, seeing everyone act so friendly with each other certainly felt refreshing, as opposed to big shows with circle pits and aggression.

Starting off the night, TRHINOCEROS opened with their set. Their mellow rock reminds me of the Black Keys.

Up next, Bear Fight played their set. They look so young, and it makes me wonder if they can play at any other venue that does not allow minors.

Chuy Poluka & the Barroom Junkies played third in the night. Not surprisingly, most of their songs involve drinking. Maybe they had a song or two about drugs.

Locally famous hardcore punk band Sorry State came up next. For as long as I have heard of them, I had never seen them live in the past. I cannot wait to see these guys perform in a larger venue.

Aptly abbreviated as V.D., Visual Discrimination served as the night’s sub-headliner. They appear to perform only a few times per month, based on their Facebook history. Their set went over by about ten minutes since the sound guy stepped out of the room for a while. I doubt anyone cared about that though.

Closing out the night, we have the Whitekaps. Whitekaps always entertains at their show, and come off as sort of a comedy/punk band. Due to the small nature of this show, a lot more heckling occurred, much to the humor of the band, but in both directions. For example, when two women left for the restroom, vocalist KC stopped the music to ask why they left in the middle of the song. At the end, when they tried to hold a sing-along with two sides of the room on mics, it almost turned into an open-mic session. Luckily things got under control when the band started playing music.

Check out all of these bands on Facebook, and check out their future shows. Always support your local music scene, because local musicians play not just for money, but for the love of the music.


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