Round One of the 2014 Belmont Shore Stroll & Savor

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Dessert, Events, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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The first of this year’s summer series of Belmont Shore’s Stroll & Savor of Long Beach wrapped up last week. This “Taste of Belmont Shore” occurs every year from May through August on the third Wednesday, and the Thursday immediately following. Free to attend for all ages, guests participate by paying $10 for a booklet containing 12 tickets that get redeemed at participating businesses along 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. The products offered by participating businesses range from appetizers to drinks to desserts to even full plates of food. Ticket costs vary based on the location, with some offering more than the value of the tickets, and many offering less than the value of the tickets. Although most of the participating businesses served the same things that they serve yearly, sometimes things will stand out from the crowd. I took just one booklet last week, and went on a nice stroll through Belmont Shore.

Domenico’s always makes for a local favorite stop on Stroll & Savor, largely due in part to their signature pizzas with toppings like ground pepperoni and ground sausage. This time, they took one ticket off the regular Stroll & Savor price, so visitors could savor their signature pizza for less!

Known for their Danish-style ice cream, Paradis always delights visitors, especially on hot days. They always have a cooler outside where they serve four of their popular flavors during Stroll & Savor.

Due to the extreme heat last week, I had to hydrate myself with an iced tea from the local Starbucks, who also participates in Stroll & Savor.

Sweet Jill’s remains a favorite during Stroll & Savor because of their full-sized items that cost just three tickets.

La Creperie Café served one of their standard items from previous Stroll & Savor years – their chicken carbonara crepe.

Nick’s On 2nd always serves up something new with every Stroll & Savor. For this event, they served their heaviest item yet – their hickory burger. Take a western-style bacon cheeseburger, then place that on a biscuit rather than a bun. I regretfully started with this, and it ended up making me full after the serving. Still, for only three tickets, Nick’s delivered a standout tasting.

Within the last year or two, Aroma di Roma closed their former location and moved down the street. They still serve wonderful espresso, paninis, and gelato, of which they served a collection of the latter during Stroll & Savor.

Newcomer Gallo’s Italian Deli participated in their first-ever Stroll & Savor last week.

With their new chef, Tavern On 2 finally strayed away from their classic Pulled Chicken Sliders, and opted to serve Pulled Pork Tacos.

Eat Shabu whipped out something new this time: ice cream freshly churned on the spot with liquid nitrogen. I seem to see a lot of this around lately. Perhaps this will turn into some sort of hipster trend?

Last but not least, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe served their classic mini cones that only cost one ticket. Flavors vary each time, and range from ice cream to sorbet to gelato.

If you missed Stroll & Savor last week, fret not! Stroll & Savor returns four more times this year: June 18-19, July 16-17, August 20-21, and September 17-18. Do not miss out your chance to taste the best of local flavor in Long Beach!


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