The Bruery’s Sucréversary 6th Anniversary Celebration – Incentivizing Society Memberships

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Beer, Events, Food, Orange County
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Craft beer fans across the nation have surely heard of The Bruery. In the United States, craft beer fans all recognize The Bruery for their sours and strong beers. As possibly Orange County’s largest brewery in terms of production and distribution, their unique brews have quickly earned them celebrity status among the locals. People love The Bruery so much that they have Society memberships available that grant special privileges. In addition to receiving select beers with their membership, members receive a discount on beers purchased at the tasting room and online, and can buy special beers before the public can. Whenever anything comes out of The Bruery, people get excited regardless of the news, so when they announced the return of their anniversary festival, naturally everyone wanted a piece of that action. Unfortunately, the public could not simply purchase a ticket to this festival – a Society member must attend in order to bring non-Society guests.

When The Bruery celebrates something, they make it big. I had attended The Bruery’s 3rd Anniversary celebration back in 2011 at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, and I remember the sheer force of the beers available at the time. This past Saturday, The Bruery returned to the Phoenix Club for their 6th Anniversary Celebration, dubbed Sucréversary, with more beer than ever before. Unlike the festival in 2011 where anyone could attend, only Society members could purchase tickets to this festival. I believe this practice started in 2012 with the 4th anniversary, but do not quote me on that. Although this would appear to lock out many beer fans, this festival appeared stronger than ever. I do not possess a Society membership, but I entered briefly for a quick photo spree. Due to not owning a membership, I could not spend much time, so I did not capture every brewery present at this festival, nor did I capture any of the other vendors present.

A few changes occurred with this festival compared to the public one in 2011. Aside from the exclusivity of the tickets, attendees received everything for FREE with admission. From the parking to the beers to the food, once an attendee entered the area, they could keep their wallets/purses away. This year’s festival also saw a lot more guest breweries attending, as opposed to a festival with mostly Bruery beers and just a few other breweries. Speaking of beers, all beers certainly escalated a level or two, as The Bruery brought out their big guns for this festival, such as Black Tuesday of years past. Some of the guest breweries also brought some of their rare or strong beers too, such as Leché Molé from Bottle Logic. This festival followed the logical progression of festivals of improving year after year. I do not chastise The Bruery for making this event now a Society-exclusive event, as it would have likely sold out instantly if the public could purchase tickets. This also makes buying the membership look more appealing to the public.

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