Beer Up – Naughty Sauce Returns to Noble Ale Works

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Beer, Orange County
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English writer Charles Caleb Colton famously said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In other words, attempting to copy other people flatters them because that shows a desire to attain their status. Copying something can lead to a short 15 minutes of fame, or it can also bolster the follower. Sometimes, as often as others attempt to imitate something, they never can truly duplicate it. One such example exists at Noble Ale Works, one of Orange County’s top microbreweries.

Perhaps best known for their odd beers, Noble Ale Works has rapidly grown as a microbrewery in today’s craft beer culture. They constantly push out new beers all the time, and currently possess a repertoire of over 200 beers. People less familiar with craft beer may find Noble Ale’s beers strange, while craft beer fans will appreciate the authenticity of Noble Ale’s brews. When it comes down to the signature of Noble Ale, look no further than Naughty Sauce. This golden milk stout with coffee that Noble Ale serves on nitro comes off as one of a kind, a full-flavored stout with great body that does not follow conventional stouts. With a great sweet milky taste with the perfect balance of coffee, you would not believe that this contains alcohol when you sip on it. Other breweries out there have attempted to make their own milk stout, but none compare to the high standard of Naughty Sauce from Noble Ale Works.

As Noble Ale just brought back Naughty Sauce last week for its annual appearance, they still have lots of it left. In fact, Noble Ale will have special casks of modified versions of Naughty Sauce all this week. Tonight, head to the tasting room to try Naughty Island, which contains toasted coconut and lime zest. Tomorrow, check out the Cinnamon Roast Crunch, which has cinnamon in it. On Thursday, come taste Lebowski’s White Russian, the Naughty Sauce with cocoa nibs and vanilla. While supplies last, you can always try the original Naughty Sauce that started it all. If you get lucky, you can also find Double Shot, a version of Naughty Sauce with El Tigre coffee, a type of bean from Costa Rica.

In any event, get some Naughty Sauce in you before it disappears until next year! I have to warn you though – try not to drink more than a pint if you had just eaten something. A beer this thick takes up a lot of room in your stomach.


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