Preview: The 1st Annual Sabroso Craft Beer & Taco Festival + OC Brew Ha Ha Collab Beer

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Beer, Events, Food, Food Truck, Music, Orange County
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If you plan to party on this Cinco de Mayo weekend, make it count by attending the 1st Annual Sabroso Craft Beer & Taco Festival, brought to us by the ensorcelling minds behind OC Brew Ha Ha. Taking place this Saturday afternoon from 11am to 4pm at Lakeview Park in Silverado, this festival combines a craft beer festival with all the celebrations necessary for a Cinco de Mayo party. Dozens of chefs, restaurants, and food trucks will make an appearance here to serve up some delicious gourmet tacos, all conveniently priced at $2 each. Beyond that, all attendees will receive unlimited pours of craft beer from over 30 different microbreweries. To keep guests entertained this festival will have live Lucha Libre wrestling and live Latin music all day. If guests choose to get involved somehow, they will find plenty of outdoor games to partake in, such as glorified Jenga, beanbag toss, and more. If guests simply want to relax, they can locate the cigar lounge and rest with some of the great cigars available. Though this event takes place outdoors, the event organizers will kindly provide free water to all the attendees.

This all goes down at Lakeview Park in Silverado. Those who have attended last year’s OC Brew Ha Ha will know how to get there. Take the same road as you would towards Oak Canyon Park, and once you turn off of E Santiago Canyon Road onto Blue Diamond Haul Road, instead of curving towards the right, take a left into the shaded area on the left. This will land you at Lakeview Park, situated between Irvine Lake and Oak Canyon Park, complete with FREE parking. This festival will operate on four levels on a hillside, with the entrance at the top level. On the top level, attendees will find all of the food vendors, which includes chefs, restaurants, and food trucks from the greater Los Angeles area. On the next level, guests will find all of the 30+ breweries all serving their beers. On the third level down, attendees can spectate the live Lucha Libre wrestling going on here in the wrestling ring. Down at the bottom on the last level, attendees will find the music stage, where live bands will perform throughout the day, with live DJ’s filling in the time in between.

Take a look back at last year’s OC Brew Ha Ha for a glimpse at what may go down this Saturday:

The 1st Annual Sabroso Craft Beer & Taco Festival runs this Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, from 11am up until 4pm. Guests may enter as soon as 11am, but will only have access to the first food section. The gates to the remaining levels will open at 12pm. Admission to this festival costs $55 presale, or $60 at the door. Non-drinkers may purchase a designated driver ticket for $15. Read up on some more tips to make the most out of your visit:

  • REMEMBER to bring PHOTO ID! Amazingly, many guests think they can enter without showing it to the front security.
  • Absolutely nobody under 21 may enter the festival. Do not even think about bringing your kids or pets.
  • Look up directions before arriving – cell phones may receive no signal as you approach the park.
  • Basic toll-free directions: Get to the 55 freeway, exit Chapman Avenue, then drive east until you pass the lake, where a sign should point out when to turn left onto a road leading to the park.
  • Guests may park for free. Because of the park’s location, I do not recommend riding a bike or walking, although you may get dropped off.
  • Food come at a separate cost, so anyone wanting to eat should arrive with extra $1 bills. Click here for a list of attending restaurants and food trucks.
  • If you see that it has no signal, just turn off your cell phone during the fest. Smartphones can enter Airplane Mode instead.
  • Though the park contains many trees, consider applying sunscreen, and have extra sunscreen available. Security will not confiscate sunscreen from you.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the festival. All attendees receive FREE water on the premises.
  • Dress appropriately for hot weather. Southern California has seen a heat wave recently, and the combination of heat, salty food, and alcohol will quickly lead to dehydration.
  • For prolonged drinking, start with lighter beers and work your way to stronger beers. Click here for a list of attending breweries.
  • Try to hold on to your beer glass – guests receive no replacement for lost or broken glasses.
  • All beers stop pouring at 4pm. An extra grace hour will allow guests time to sober up and find food before leaving.
  • Oak Canyon Park only has two exits: one back towards Orange, the other through the mountains leading of Rancho Santa Margarita. Police WILL patrol both roads leaving the park!

For those planning to attend the 5th Annual Orange County Brew Ha Ha this September, I have awesome news for you. Iron Fist Brewing and Bottle Logic Brewing have teamed up to work on a special collaboration beer that they plan to release just before this year’s OC Brew Ha Ha. This collaborative French-style saison will contain pink peppercorns and holy basil grown in Bottle Logic’s head brewer’s own garden, and caramelized honey.  Bottle Logic will age 30 barrels of this brew in white wine barrels, while Iron Fist will receive 60 kegs of the non-aged brew. Expect to find this special collaboration beer at special locations starting in late August. Thanks to Brandon and Easton from Iron Fist for explaining this beer to us.

Thanks Bottle Logic for all the hospitality over the past few months!

Still have not bought a ticket yet? Why wait? Tickets may sell out fast! If you have not yet purchased your ticket, I have an exclusive 50% off promo code that you may use. However, due to the savings, I cannot post the promo code publicly. Before you may request the promo code, I have some requests of you:

  1. LIKE OC Brew Ha Ha on Facebook. If you have a private Facebook profile, I must somehow see that you like the page, so show proof of this!
  2. LIKE MY PAGE on Facebook.
  3. FOLLOW OC Brew Ha Ha on Twitter.
  4. FOLLOW ME on Twitter.

Once you have completed all of the above, reply to this post with your Facebook name, Twitter username, email address, and proof that you LIKE OC Brew Ha Ha on Facebook. Once I have verified all of the above, I will email you the promo code.

If you still have any general questions about Sabroso, you can reach me as easy as a tweet! I respond to Twitter fairly quickly, so I can answer most questions within 140 characters.

  1. Paul Watson says:

    Facebook / Insta – Paul Watson / socalbeerguy
    1.LIKE OC Brew Ha Ha on Facebook. If you have a private Facebook profile, I must somehow see that you like the page, so show proof of this!
    check you messages on FB 😉
    2.LIKE MY PAGE on Facebook.
    3.FOLLOW OC Brew Ha Ha on Twitter.
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  2. Terry says:

    Hi, hopefully I did everything right by liking everything you said 🙂

    My twitter is McSteamee

    Can’t wait to go to the Brew HaHa again and live the good life!!!

  3. Jenn Yeh says:

    hey! is your code still available? if so, i’ve done all of the above!

    FB name: Jennifer Yeh
    Twitter: jennyeh

    My likes are public so you should be able to verify it on my fb! Thanks!

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