Preview: L.A. Foodie’s Float Trip at Angel City Brewery

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Beer, Dessert, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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Think you can hold out for Lent for any longer? If you feel that you can stop one day early, you may receive the chance to indulge on sweets, booze, and sweets in booze at L.A. Foodie‘s Float Trip. This Saturday from 4pm to 7pm, the L.A. Foodie crew will once again strut into Angel City Brewery, where the crew will set up for an evening of serving up artisanal ice cream and craft beer. Guests will choose a beer from three choices of Angel City’s brews, and pick any ice cream flavor available from Peddler’s Creamery, Ice Cream Lab, or Ramekin. Additionally, all attendees receive a float-mixing kit, complete with cups, spoons, straws, trays, and more. As for food, attendees can snack on cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats from Mwokaji Cakery, while supplies last. General admission costs just $9, and includes three ice cream beer floats and a $20 Uber ride service gift card for new signups. Beyond this event, all attendees plus regular visitors to the brewery can still order beer from the counter, and purchase food from the food trucks that will serve outside.

Take a peek at L.A. Foodie’s last event, Treatoberfest, here at Angel City Brewery back in October last year:

As this weekend contains countless events throughout Southern California, transportation reigns as the number one obstacle for any local. Not too far from here, Brokechella will occur, occupying most, if not all, parking spaces in the area. Also not too far from Downtown Los Angeles, the K-Town Night Market will take place, causing a clutter of people near Union Station, a 15 minute walk from Angel City. No one under 21 may attend the event, and the brewery’s staff WILL check for ID’s at the door, so remember to bring your ID! Last but not least, drink responsibly, as this area of Los Angeles sees a high density of traffic both on wheels and on foot.


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