The Class of ’99 Reunite with Narcoleptic Youth, Radioactive Chicken Heads, and More

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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Orange County punk bands of the 90’s got back together, as they all played a show at the World Famous Doll Hut last Friday night, just like they did 15 years ago. When the Doll Hut announced their closure just over a year ago, no one ever expected this show to ever return. When the Doll Hut announced a year later that they would reopen, punk fans rejoiced as they got their beloved punk rock venue back. For this show, every band played a set approximately 45 minutes long, stretching out the night to last a lot longer than originally scheduled.

First off, we have the Broken Patron Saints. Their vocalist has a gritty voice, similar to that of Cheap Sex, while the instrumentals sound like The Misfits. Put together, you have an odd combination of catchy, grim music along with someone yelling at you. Though that may sound like a bad idea, it actually worked out to give them their own identity that sets them apart from all the other punk bands out there.

The Walking Toxins played as the next opening act. Coming all the way out from Hemet, The Walking Toxins have an old school sound to them, resembling some of the 1980’s punk bands. As such, they did not play the typical fast and loud style like most punk bands do, allowing the audience to keep up with the music. I would relate them most closely with The Simpletones, a prominent 1980’s punk band. If you like bands with the 1980’s sound, check out The Walking Toxins.

We now enter the reunion bands, starting with the Radioactive Chicken Heads. As the world’s only food-themed punk band, audiences everywhere can only expect shenanigans when these guys and gals storm the stage. Their utilization of a keytar and trumpet make them a punk-ska hybrid band, so skanking fans can get their feet moving. With a band consisting of characters like these, it should go without saying to expect some antics to occur, such as the intrusion of Frankenchicken, Chuck E Cheese, Liquid Fat, the headless chicken, mirrored Carrot Topp, and more. Pictures cannot fully illustrate the nature of a Radioactive Chicken Heads show – one must attend a show in person to obtain the full experience.

What do you get when you cross The Vandals with the Yeastie Boys? You get the Atomic Bombs! When these guys perform, they pull off the strangest stunts and acts that can bewilder anyone not expecting it. Like The Vandals, the songs of the Atomic Bombs do not make much sense, or relate to irrelevant things. Like the Yeastie Boys, the Atomic Bombs will clown around, climbing the bar, shooting silly string, throwing inflatable props, and whatnot. As for music, aside from the silly lyrics, the instrumentals rage hard and fast, not leaving much room to breathe. Thankfully, they always took a break between songs, allowing the audience to catch their breaths. They appeared to get tired by the end of their set, as the vocalist started slurring a bit. I think by then, most of the people present just wanted the next band to come up already.

Finally we get to the final headliner of the night, Narcoleptic Youth. No surprises exist as to why they have the greatest fans – no other bands can imitate their unrivaled fast-paced hardcore punk sound. At times, you would think that vocalist Joey raps during their songs, which many of them have to do with the vices of today’s society. Much like their first song asks “Is This Punk?” Narcoleptic Youth represents true punk rock, in case you need to describe it to anyone who still believes that Green Day plays punk rock. For the rest of their set, Narcoleptic Youth played mostly old songs, staying true to the nature of this reunion show. As a result, the set list contained mostly fan favorites, which ignited the small pit’s rage into slamming into everything, including the band on stage. Narcoleptic Youth has quickly become one of my favorite live bands, and after seeing a Narcoleptic Youth performance, you may want more of them too.

Check out all of the bands’ Facebook pages, as they all have shows coming up very soon. Also pay attention to the Doll Hut’s Facebook page, as they have shows going on every week.

  1. Lorenzo says:

    That was a fun show…! Can’t wait for the next Broken Patron Saints show!

  2. Rexfast says:

    Thank you for reviewing the class of 99 show my only comment is all our songs have meaning read our lyrics before saying our songs are senseless.
    As a band we’ve made sure to put our lyrics in each of our 5 realeses,
    Love Rex Fast

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