The Co-Dependents Return to The Stage with a Free Show

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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What do you do on a Friday night with not much else going on and not much money in your pocket? You go to a free punk rock show! Last Friday night, Orange County punk rock legends The Co-Dependents headlined a small free show at The Juke Joint in Anaheim. With only three bands performing, each with a unique sound, no one could truly call this show a punk rock show, since only the headliner played punk rock music. As for the other bands, read on for a brief review of their sets.

Opening up the night, Trigger Itch traveled all the way down here from Idaho to play at this show. Their website describes them as a rock & roll band. In person, Trigger Itch resembles some 1980’s metal bands. When listening to them, you can envision listening to Metallica or Megadeth. In other words, you can hear metal elements, but not the death metal variety where they scream your head off. They must have turned their amp up to 11, as the sheer volume could pierce your bones. Every band in this show played a 45-minute set, and 45 minutes of Trigger Itch can turn you into a metalhead if you linger too close.

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, we now get a performance from The Tequila Worms. The Tequila Worms does not do vocals – they only play instrumental surf rock music, such as Miserlou. As such, the crowd got to relax during this set, as opposed to the grittiness of Trigger Itch. The Tequila Worms claimed to have not practiced together in months; however, their huge fan following that showed up to this show could beg to differ. For a local band that admits to rustiness, they sure do have a massive amount of devoted fans.

Finally, we get right into the meat with the Co-Dependents. The Co-Dependents held nothing back during their set, preferring to start right away with the heavy stuff. Not surprisingly, the pit hit the ground rolling at full steam and battered right into the stage, displacing some speakers as well as the vocalist’s bar stool platform and some beers on the stage. Whoever wrote the set list wrote down a song twice – just a typical night at a punk rock show. By midway through their set, it appeared that the Co-Dependents just wanted to goof with the crowd more than focus on the music… But when you have a crowd that just wants to slam into things and break stuff, no one really paid attention to the minor off-beat sounds.

We love to support local music, and we love even more to support older bands that do not get as many gigs as newer bands. Check out all of the bands’ Facebook pages and give them all a Like to see what else they have in store in the near future.


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