Pork Yeah! The Factory’s Blue Cheese & Ba-Cone Ice Cream

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Bacon, Dessert, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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There comes a time when society gets tired of the normal things in life. Thanks to the media, the world has this programmed perception of how humans should live. Anyone who follows this perception to a tee conforms to the standards set by the media. These conformists live life by the book, following a set routine and set instructions to live on day after day, accepting life as they have fit into it. Like a bee hive, conformists fit the role of the worker bees, where they stick to a plan and never deviate. These worker bees never get to truly experience the wonders of the world out there, and tend to stay close to the hive. Only the privileged may wander off away from the home area and seek out adventures and new things. By breaking free of the bonds that keep you shackled to your home area, you release yourself to the many things this world has to offer. You may find some strange things that you would not normally see in an everyday location, such as foods with odd ingredients. Thankfully, today’s societies now have gastropubs, such as The Factory, where guests can congregate to mix, mingle, and munch on new foods and drinks.

As one of the greater hidden gems of the greater Los Angeles area, The Factory represents one of the earlier gastrobpubs out of today’s generation of Southern Californian gastropubs. Nestled in the heart of the Bixby Knolls community, The Factory prides themselves on utilizing locally-grown sustainable ingredients to craft good good-for-you food. Their menu borrows ingredients and preparation techniques from Spanish and Mediterranean cultures, which partially rotates seasonally to keep things fresh and exciting in the dining area. The Factory fans love to find their favorite dishes still on the menu, and they love it even more when they find items so new that they may not even appear on the menu yet. For example, their dessert menu does not make any mention of their Blue Cheese & Ba-Cone Ice Cream. In this dessert, The Factory doles out a generous scoop of blue cheese & bacon ice cream, adds sea-salt whisky toffee pieces, and tops it off with a graham cracker cone drizzled with chocolate syrup. Traditionally, one would never expect to find savory ice cream, but now in the 21st century, we no longer have any old expectations. Blue cheese naturally carries a sharp, unique flavor to it. In this ice cream, the cream mellows out the blue cheese, providing a strange sensation that, when coupled with the bacon pieces, works to your palate. This savory ice cream pairs very well with the toffee pieces that come on top of it, not to mention the sea salt on the toffee as well.

Hungry for more than just dessert? Check out the rest of what The Factory has to offer. Their menu changes quite often, so the menu posted on their website may not carry the current dishes, but will still give you a good idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that The Factory opens for brunch on the weekend, so perhaps you would like to try their brunch instead.


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