Beef It Up – Grill ‘Em All’s Joey Belladonna Burg

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Burgers, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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People often idolize a famous figure or group in a way that they want to go the same route as that famous entity. In the 1990’s, the quote “Like Mike” refers to people, mostly children, idolizing Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan represents the ideal successful role model, thus leading to that phrase that many followed. Besides famous people, famous groups tend to have legions of fans, some even to the point of a cult-like following. In music, cover bands and tribute bands exist to pay homage to older bands that have left a significant impact on the music industry. Commonly-known bands like The Beatles and Queen have tribute bands all over the world, and even some lesser-known bands may have tribute bands, such as how Operation Milo pays tribute to The Descendents and Operation Ivy. In the food & beverage industry, some restaurants name menu items after famous people. On the east coast, travelers will undoubtedly find Elvis Presley references in many places, but to find tributes to more recent famous figures, we have to search high and low. Luckily for heavy metal fans, Grill ‘Em All does the work of paying homage to famous people in metal.

Having opened just over a year ago, Grill ‘Em All continues to rock out killer burgers from their home in Downtown Alhambra. From their start as a gourmet food truck up until now, Grill ‘Em All has satisfied countless hungers from across the world – yes, they attract fans from other countries! All of their signature menu items all bear names that reference a person, band, song, or lyric in the music industry, most of which come from heavy metal. From their fan-favorite Dee Snider burger to the I Wanna Be Your Dog that references Iggy Pop, fans of any music genre love the unique burger combinations churning out of this kitchen. Every month, Grill ‘Em All deploys a burger-of-the-month, inspired by current happenings in the music industry. For the month of February, their burger pays tribute to Joey Belladonna, the vocalist for Anthrax. The Joey Belladonna, A.K.A. the Pizza Burg, starts with a pepperoni pizza bagel that acts as the bun. This burger starts with the bottom of the bagel getting hit with pepperoncini aioli, arugula, a 1/2 LB beef patty (medium rare by default), a fried block of mozzarella, marinara sauce, and finally the top of the pepperoni pizza bagel. Normally with burgers, one can smash the burger down to make it more feasible to chew on. However, a couple of factors with this burger prevents that. The pepperoni pizza top means you cannot push down from the top with just your hands, or you will feel the wrath of the pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce on the top. The density of the bagel means you cannot press it down, unlike the fluffiness of a normal bun. Also, their thick beef patty does not press easily. Not forgetting about the fried block of mozzarella means you have a burger on hand that you have to bite the corners off at a time. Do not expect to walk away from this without a mess on your hands – just get in there, dig in, and let loose on this burger.

As the February burger-of-the-month, you have a limited time to get the chance to savor this beast of a meal. Hurry in to Grill ‘Em All by the end of the month to slam this burger!


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