Noble Ale Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration Shows They Have Outgrown Their Limited Space

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Orange County’s Noble Ale Works opened just over three years ago, and this past Saturday afternoon, they celebrated the third anniversary of their opening with a beer festival at their facility. Noble Ale has quickly risen as one of Southern California’s more well-known microbreweries. Serving over 35 different brews that they have concocted over the past three years, Noble Ale brought out the big guns for an attendance that far exceeded the festivals of their first two anniversary celebrations. This beer festival allowed for unlimited beer tastings during the festival hours, unlike most beer festivals in Southern California that limit attendees with the amount of beer they can have. Put this all together on a weekend lacking many events, and you have one massively crowded event.

Noble Ale only really served beer out of two spots – their tasting room, and a 360 booth set up outside. In previous years, they have spread out their serving stations. This time, their setup caused one of the most glaring issues with this festival. Because of confining the beer locations, this setup highlighted the notion that the organizers oversold this event. Note that I say organizers and not necessarily the brewery, as a different group of people organized this event. Two types of admissions existed – general admission to start at 1pm, or pay $10 more to enter an hour earlier. Arriving way early showed that attendees had entered and started drinking before noon, and those who only bought the regular admission had gotten in by 12:30pm. Throughout the day, they would continue to sell admissions at the gate, without any thoughts of capping the event. Past beer festival experiences tell us all that a beer festival must have a cap to the number of attendees present. Allow too many in, and they start to get restless.

For those who braved the never-ending lines, they received a treat in the form of rare beers or any of a multitude of cask beers saved for this special day.

An event cannot operate without the people. Sure the crowds meant less time for beer, but sometimes you meet some awesome people that you just have to stop and greet.

In the entire time that I stayed at the festival, I received no more than five beer pours into my small glass. The lines simply took much too long to endure, and on a day with clear skies, the heat made itself known amongst the attendees.

Noble Ale Works has carved out a name in Orange County’s history, so why have they not grown to a greater location? As the hermit ages, the hermit must leave the old shell behind to seek out a larger shell. This celebration clearly demonstrated the soaring popularity of this brewery, and that Noble Ale can only go up from here on out. Once you try their brews, you will understand the prominence of Noble Ale Works.


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