Mad Caddies and illScarlett Play a Small Show with a Big Crowd

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock, Ska
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Last Thursday night, the Mad Caddies headlined a small intimate show at the Constellation Room in The Observatory in Santa Ana. Just three months after they sold out a show at this exact same location, Mad Caddies once again fill this venue up, generating a crowd that even attracted those who attended the show in the bigger room. The Observatory features two stages – the main room, and the Constellation Room, a smaller, more intimate room. The audience Mad Caddies never relented, despite a sold-out Pepper show in the main room.

The only other band in this show, illScarlett, opened the show 75 minutes after the doors had opened. Despite their soaring popularity back home, very few of the audience had heard of this band that I can best describe as a pop-ska band. Much of their fan base resides in Canada, their home country, so I can understand of the majority did not recognize them. They played a full 45-minute set that included a wide mixture of songs, from fast punk rock-style songs to smooth reggae songs, and even some songs that involve vocalist Alex rapping. The audience thoroughly enjoyed this opener/co-headliner, and exhibited it with a strong circle pit starting at the second song.

After a 30-minute setup, the Mad Caddies finally entered the room to screaming fans. Those who attended some of their previous shows, such as the show three months ago linked above, may recognize the set list as nearly identical. This time, the Mad Caddies have added in some unreleased songs, as they have just finished recording a new album set to release later this year. The room remained relatively calm the entire time aside from the pit, as much of the audience behaved and stayed put, rather than bounce around frantically. They did a great job of transitioning between songs, not leaving too much downtime between groups of songs. This 90-minute set included lots of fan favorites, like Leavin’, Tired Bones, State of Mind, Monkeys, Silence, Road Rash, Drinkin’ For 11, and more. Although they could not play all of the fan favorites like Souls For Sale, they still generated limitless energy from the crowd, and attracted a handful of people from the show in the main room.

The Mad Caddies currently tour across North America, so check out their Facebook page for a list of upcoming tour dates, and remember to give their page a Like so that you can stay up-to-date with all things Caddies.


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