The 2014 Southern California Pet Expo – Helping People Discover Their Perfect Animal Companion

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Animals, Events, Long Beach
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The Southern California Pet Expo made its annual return to the Long Beach Convention Center this past Saturday. Moving to Hall C this year, this FREE all-ages expo allows all guests to bring their pets and to exhibit all the vendors, pet adoptions, pet fitness demos, pet competitions, and of course other guests’ pets. Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s Pit Boss also appeared at the expo to give a seminar about animal care and his passion for pit bulls. Goods sold by vendors ranged from food to toys to furniture to apparel and more. As far as I observed, the pet adoptions only included dogs and cats. Of all the guests who brought their pets, nearly everyone brought a dog. Other pets included cats, a mouse, parrot, snake, guinea pig, and an elusive kinkajou.

Of particular note this year, I noticed a few specialty pet food vendors present at the expo, whereas I do not recall any specialty food vendors last year. Just like how humans should adhere to, these vendors specialize in all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO products. If we love our pets like family members, we ought to feed them like family members.

The entire back half of the room contained all the pet adoption booths. This allowed visitors to potentially bring home a new pet for the family, or at least seek information about any specific pets. See the website linked above for a full list of pet adoption groups that attended this expo.

For a free event, I expected to encounter the usual grumpy people or troublemakers. Surprisingly, I did not spot any of the sort; instead, most of the guests came off as overly-friendly. This interpersonal kindness contributed to the greater success of this event, since making an event free usually attracts troublemakers. When everybody wears a positive attitude, any event can run successfully. The abundance of dogs further contributed to the overall positive attitude. Take note for the future: to relieve stress, go to a pet expo or another pet event!


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