Volunteers Needed for Bock Fest 2014 – Free Admission for Volunteers

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Beer, Burlesque, Drinks, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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This Saturday, the 2014 Bock Fest arrives at The Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles. A unique beer fest of its kind, this winter fest celebrates the tasty brews of wintertime in a premiere setting. Primarily brewed in cold seasons, bocks originate in Germany, where they love to brew beer full of flavor and alcohol while minimizing the alcoholic taste. These strong lagers appear darker than most beers, ranging from pale yellow like a pilsner to dark brown like a brown ale. Although this fest focuses on bocks and other German beers, many other microbrews will serve their amazing craft beers as well, such as Lagunitas, Fireman’s Brew, Weihenstephan, Affligem, and more. Local food businesses, such as Pink’s Hot Dogs, will serve food to those wanting to eat between or during beers.

For just $29 admission, attendees receive three hours of UNLIMITED beer pours starting at 1pm, plus a souvenir glass to take home. Upgrading to the $85 VIP admission allows entry an hour earlier, plus access to the return of Sugar Lounge for more entertainment and drinks. Did I mention that Sugar Lounge returns as well?

Perhaps you seek some additional forms of entertainment to enjoy with your beer. Bock Fest provides that in the form of Sugar Lounge, an adult playground where your inner child meets the grown you. VIP attendees receive access to this seductive lounge complete with more beer, wine, spirits, ice luge, treats, sexy ladies, and more. Who could resist a burlesque show from the Dirty Little Secrets? Your heart will melt as you keep your eyes on the sultry moves of these ladies with no urge to turn away.

Itching to attend Bock Fest? Tickets sell out fast every year. If you want to drink productively while saving some money, Bock Fest needs volunteers. Volunteers should work at least three hours between 12pm-6pm, either to help set up, work the fest, or clean up. Volunteer duties include:

  • Assist booths with bottles: opening bottles, putting empty bottles back in boxes, helping pour beers, etc
  • Removing boxes of bottles: taking boxes of bottles to the back area (I will show where they go), bringing empty boxes back to booths
  • Transporting ice: bringing bags of ice to booths, emptying water buckets
  • Assist servers with pouring drinks: I recommend bar experience for this
  • Guest service: answering questions guests may have
  • Fulfillment: generally assisting staff with their needs

In exchange for working, volunteers enter the fest for free, and receive one meal & unlimited drinks during breaks or downtime. The facility runs the parking lot, so unfortunately you still would have to pay for parking. Located off the 405 and 10 freeways, free street parking rarely exists here. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please leave your contact info in a comment below, or tweet me (fastest way to reach me) at @OnePunkArmy.

  1. Hi, im interested in helping out on the event.
    I can take photo or video coverage, too.

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