Blackmarket Bakery Celebrates a Year at Their Shop in The Camp

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Dessert, Events, Food, Orange County
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Many businesses tend to open during the first quarter of the year, meaning that many businesses also throw anniversary celebrations or specials around this time. This past weekend, Blackmarket Bakery celebrated their first anniversary at their current home in The Camp in Costa Mesa. Having moved from their old location in an industrial building across the 405 freeway from John Wayne Airport, Blackmarket Bakery has substantially grown as a business and in popularity ever since moving to The Camp. Now in an easily-accessible area, customers visit Blackmarket Bakery and find delicious baked goods using a short list of all-natural ingredients without anything fancy. You will not find fancy words or complex ingredients here – you will only find ingredients that we all grew up to love, such as flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and more.

For this first anniversary celebration, Blackmarket Bakery rolled out a handful of specials. As customers walked in, High Tide Derby greeted and passed out various samples or both old and new products.

Once inside, customers could purchase t-shirts on sale for $10. For all other breads, pastries, and other baked goods, customers would receive 15% off.

As a special treat for attending customers, Blackmarket Bakery hosted a cakewalk. This event combines musical chairs with a lottery, where participants would walk a path with numbered papers on the ground to the music. When the music stops, each participant occupies a number, and awaits a Blackmarket Bakery staff to call out a number they randomly drew prior to the walk. The participant occupying the corresponding drawn number then receives a free small cake from the bakery.

Although appearing minor, this celebration follows the model that Blackmarket Bakery adheres by – do a lot with a little. They follow simple ingredient lists with their products, using just all-natural ingredients without the need to continually add more ingredients. As a result, you get tasty items with a familiar taste presented in a contemporary fashion. This event did not require bells and whistles to proclaim their excitement over their anniversary, and all the attendees appreciated the simple things put forth on this day. Experience for yourself how delicious that simple can taste by visiting Blackmarket Bakery soon, and do not forget a loyalty card! Buy 12 items, and receive one free!

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