Most music genres nowadays receive their names based on what it sounds like. When a style or genre of music defines an area or gets defined by an area, typically the genre will incorporate the geographical name in it. With the case of Nardcore, this style of hardcore punk originated in Oxnard, CA, and one of the original bands that started it all headlined a small show last Saturday in Orange County. Age shows no wear & tear on Ill Repute as they confidently played a set to a rather small turnout. For an old-school band like Ill Repute to still play shows means something to today’s millenials who do not have much time to experience original Nardcore.

South Bay hardcore punk band Short Temper opened the night with their aggressive set. Short Temper truly lives up to their name, not because of the vocalist’s height, but because of the anger felt by their music. If you ever need music to get your blood and adrenaline pumping, look no further than Short Temper.

After taking quite some time to set up, South Orange County band The Bananarchists finally started their set. At first, they look like such nice kids, and no one would expect them to play the music they do. But once the music drops, their image sheds away to reveal the raw hardcore nature of this band. The organizer of this show even came out in a punk banana costume and ran amok in the pit. All in all, The Bananarchists played a fun set truncated by them taking longer than usual to set up.

If you ask the owners of most music venues why they do not allow punk rock bands to play there, they will likely point towards Child Abduction. The most offensive band ever comes out of Long Beach, and if you look up scumbag in the dictionary, it will post a picture of Child Abduction next to the definition. Nothing pleasant ever occurs around these guys, especially when their buddy Bob the Clown showed up to trash the place. Throwing confetti and shooting silly string all over the place, Child Abduction thoroughly left a mess in the venue after their set. Thanks to these guys, most venues will not want a punk rock show to ever happen there.

Now that all the kids had performed, the adults could finally show the kids how punk rock works, starting with No More Saints. This South Orange County band relives early 80’s hardcore punk by taking it back to their roots growing up, and using that music as a foundation to what they play. These guys play for the fun of it and does not seek fame & fortune, as any punk band should. Check these guys out soon, as these guys will come very close to the early days of punk rock.

Now playing much later than originally scheduled, Slow Children set up quick to get their brief set going. Slow Children wasted little time with their set, playing with minimal downtime between songs. This venue allows for easier listening to the lyrics, as the acoustics allowed the audience to clearly hear vocalist Nate’s words. With a strong sound of their own that resembles a combination of A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere, I foresee great things for Slow Children, and I hope they get their big break this year.

With a casual demeanor, Ill Repute calmly set up on stage while eager fans could not contain themselves on the floor. Once Ill Repute got started, everyone on the floor dropped all manners and slammed into the nearest body hoping to inflict bodily harm. Ill Repute took their time between songs and chatted with the audience during the downtime. Luckily, this allowed the audience to slightly calm down instead of turning the venue into a war zone. Ill Repute played twice as long a set as all the other bands did, so the lucky fans who retained their energy for Ill Repute could slam dance to their heart’s content, or until their body could take no more.

Orange County does not get enough Nardcore, so when a band does come around, every punk rock fan should make it a priority to attend that show. Check out all of the bands’ Facebook pages and Like them to see where they will play next.

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