A Punk Rock New Year’s Eve with The Gears, Decry, Brainspoon, and More

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Events, Los Angeles, Music, Punk Rock
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Most people celebrate New Year’s Eve at a club or party and ring in the new year with lots of people, champagne, and elevator music. Punk rock fans ring in a new year with a rowdy punk rock show. This past Tuesday night, Cafe NELA hosted a small punk rock show in Los Angeles to ring in the new year, hosted by The Gears. Normally some may question a local show at a dive bar in East LA, as the loud neighborhood hip hop music audible from the street may indicate otherwise. Once everyone made it into the bar, all attendees got into the New Year’s Eve spirit with celebrations and joy, all while adhering to the unwritten rules of the circle pit.

Local band Los Issues opened the night, starting slightly early and playing a 30-minute set. This small band with no online presence plays with more of a rock sound than punk, with heavier riffs and lower tempo than punk rock’s faster pace. Their mellow music helped to warm us up for the bands to come.

Attendees got treated to a rock & roll set from Downtown LA band Brainspoon. Having endured in the music industry for almost a decade, Brainspoon has left their mark on the local music scene. Playing heavy rock & roll music with punk rock undertones, they cross genres together and make them fit snug enough to appease an array of music fans. Any fan of rock music in general would love to watch a set from Brainspoon.

Something did not appear right as Kat Arthur & Her Hellkats started their set. It may have something to do with their vocalist appearing discombobulated, intoxicated, or under some sort of influence. This apparently did not affect their ability to play a full set, so the show continued with their 30-minute rock & roll set. Although this group has performed music for many years, they have no official website nor do they utilize social media. During this set, Blank Expressions‘ vocalist Rita crashed the party, which caught the band’s attention. They brought her on stage to participate in their song Equalizer. After that song, the band ended their set without warning.

The Gears started to play their set at about 11:50, enough to squeeze in three songs prior to the midnight countdown. Once through their first three songs, vocalist Axxel thanked everyone for attending, and led the countdown to midnight, followed not with hugs & kisses, but with jumping around in the pit. After all, punk rock fans hardly live life like everyone else, preferring to set their own rules. With the countdown out of the way, The Gears continued their 45-minute set, playing lots of their old hits like Baby Run Around, but also including new songs, such as Punk Rock Rules The World from their upcoming album. Keep an eye out for their album drop in the next few months – Like their Facebook page linked at the top of this post to follow their updates.

Lastly, Decry started to set up on stage. However, they lacked a band member that had yet to show up, so they could only set up the stage while waiting for him. He finally showed up about 15 minutes after they should have started, and they immediately jumped right into their set. Unfortunately, because of their late start, they could not play their entire set, and only had no more than 20 minutes to play before the venue would pull the plug. They still got to play a handful of songs, including Sonic Reducer. They will play another show again as early as next month, so hopefully they get to play a full set at their next gig.

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Did you stay at home? Did you go out for dinner? Did you go to a house party? Did you go to a party at a business/venue? Did you go to a concert? No matter how you spent your New Year’s Eve, reading this means you survived that night, whether you went on the road or not. Celebrate occasions how you want, but celebrate responsibly. So many great things await you this year, and you do not want something as reckless as a drunk driver to take that all away from you.


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