What The Duck? Beer Belly’s Death By Duck

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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After a night of partying hard, what should people expect to feel like the following morning? Depending on the actions taken during the previous night, a person can feel anywhere from refreshed to exhausted to downright hungover in the morning. For those on the lower end, people can take up multiple types of remedies to relieve the fatigue and pain caused from excessive drinking the previous night. Some may take a cold shower, while some may drink black coffee. On the more aggressive end, the “hair of the dog” approach sees them drinking again that morning, but in lesser quantities to act as “downward stairs” to slowly descend from a boozy night to a manageable morning. Drinking lots of water always helps, but so far, the best remedy involves eating a greasy breakfast. Although terrible for your health (and drinking ruins your health too), greasy foods act as alcohol sponges, since the oil will help to nullify the effects of alcohol in your system. Sunday brunch typically involves this approach, plus the “hair of the dog” approach, to generate a fatty breakfast plus a mimosa or two, a drink light enough on alcohol that serves as the perfect vessel to bring down a previous night’s high. Sure you can have your omelet bars or pancakes and such, but if you want to truly indulge, take a trip to Beer Belly for the guiltiest pleasures in Sunday brunches.

Nestled deep inside Koreatown largely hidden from street view, Beer Belly lives up to its name as a food and beer institution. Imagine your typical gastropub looking all fancy and such, then along comes Beer Belly to tear it all down and deliver taste directly to your face. Beer Belly does not utilize standard restaurant service procedures – guests order food at the bar/counter, receive a number, then sit down and wait for a server to deliver the goods. These goods include conventional bar snacks elevated to a new level. For example, I can rave all day about their grilled cheese, but I shall save that for another day. Their Sunday brunch includes some items exclusive to that menu, such as their Chicken “IN” Waffle – again, saving that for another day. During brunch hours, the regular menu remains available, allowing access to Sunday morning goodies such as their Death By Duck. This duck three-way item comes with Duck Fat Fries (with Smoked Salt and Sweet Onion Sugar), Duck Skin Cracklins, Duck Confit, and Raspberry Mustard sauce. Sauce? Who needs sauce? Once you bite into a fry, you may quack in ecstasy as the duck fat oozes out from the fry to vehemently massage your taste buds. Set that sauce aside for now and savor the ducky flavor, because a duck sacrificed itself so that you may relish this moment. Just for fun, because they serve it here, pair this duck three-way with a nice cold light beer, such as a cream ale, pilsner, or lager.

Duck got your tongue? You can nab a Death By Duck from Beer Belly for just $8. You can find Beer Belly in Koreatown west of Downtown Los Angeles on S Western Avenue between 5th and 6th Street. Once you can locate Iota and I Love Boba, look at the back of the parking lot between the two, and you will find Beer Belly. Guests can park in the parking lot on the other side of I Love Boba, though I suggest parking in the neighborhood via 5th Street. If you find yourself believing in the powers of the almighty Beer Belly, check out the rest of their menu when you arrive there. Bring friends too, as you will all want to come back sooner than later.


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