The Adolescents, 7 Seconds, CH3, and The Vermin Spread Holiday Cheer at an Orange County Show

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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As the year winds down to a close, many punk rock shows start to crop up. As a common theme in punk rock time, better late than never. In some cases, going late makes for a more enjoyable experience, such as when The Adolescents and 7 Seconds headlined a show this past Saturday night at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Orange County. Although it appeared to not coincide with anything, this show ended up operating as a Christmas-themed show anyways, complete with an appearance from Santa Claus. Themes aside, punk rock fans clamored to this show to not only see the legendary Adolescents, but to catch a rare Southern California appearance by 7 Seconds.

The Vermin opened up the night with a set that lasted about 25 minutes. This old school band that started in the 80’s still can rock out like the best, as they caused a pit to initiate the moment they started playing, despite coming from out of town. Opening bands rarely can generate so much energy in a pit, so The Vermin definitely left their mark on all those who arrived at the venue way earlier than the headliners.

As oxymoronic as it sounds, Cerritos punk rock band Channel 3 (stylized CH3) started their set not too long after The Vermin ended their set. Punk rock does not exactly come out of Cerritos, so for a well-known punk band like CH3 to call Cerritos their hometown truly means something. In any case, CH3 walks the line between opener and headliner. They possess a large enough following that they can headline their own show, yet to go on second reminds us of how a normally headlining act like D.I. can go on second and still manage just fine. The crowd still went wild for CH3, especially when they started playing I’ve Got A Gun and a pit started on the side behind me. Oh, and Santa Claus decided to make a cameo towards the end of the set to throw shirts out to the crowd. Bonus: click here for a Christmas song by CH3.

The tension in the room expanded vastly as the anticipation for 7 Seconds reached peak levels. When a band requires an introduction from the show promoter, you automatically know to expect a fun time. I wondered why 7 Seconds did not officially headline the show, but with such great bands on the night’s lineup, the order did not mean as much, as all attendees could devote all of their remaining energy for the bands. With no real surprises or tricks up their sleeves, 7 Seconds delivered an exciting show to all the eager fans in attendance. They wasted little time transitioning between songs, opting to play songs into the start of the next song. Some of their more recognizable songs came towards the end, including Walk Together Rock Together, so those who remained in the concert hall the entire time could rock out with everyone else.

Playing to a crowd that had expended much of their energy on the previous band, The Adolescents held nothing back when they exploded onto the stage in the dark to screaming fans. While this sounds like a scene from a boy band concert, the men of The Adolescents beg to differ, as the crowd diving had started before the band even played a note. They started their set with No Way, which usually serves to drive the crowd into a frenzy, if they had not already gone into one. From there, the set consisted of plenty more popular songs, such as LA Girl, Creatures, Amoeba, and Kids Of The Black Hole. Many of the fans shouted for I Hate Children, but they will never play this song live for a handful of reasons. First off, no point exists to play that song at an all-ages show. Plus, they all have children of their own, compared to when they first made this song decades ago. No other surprises occurred during this set, save for the few people that could not handle the pit and had to climb out or get carried out.

With the holidays approaching and the year about to end, many punk rock shows have cropped up in Southern California. Check with your favorite local bands to see where they will perform next. Also stay tuned to this site every Monday for the week’s upcoming events.

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