Preview: The 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Art, Events, Food Truck, Los Angeles
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The holiday version of Renegade LA returns to LA State Historic Park this upcoming weekend. This FREE alternative arts & crafts fair exhibits hundreds of independent artists, designers, bakers, and crafters for guests to come and snag some cool apparel, accessories, music records, food, and more. Occurring biannually, the holiday version makes a few changes from the summer version. Vendors have to adjust to a slightly smaller venue space, apparent by narrower aisles and lack of a middle aisle/dividing lane.

A handful of vendors will return to this fair from the last one, such as Sebastien Millon. Plenty more may appear here that did not attend the last fair, like I Wish I Had A Penguin Friend.

The center of Renegade holds a big top, which houses vendors carrying what I consider the more delicate items.

You may also notice that some vendors may post signs denoting that they will donate a portion of their sales to a charity. For a holiday show, I enjoy that either the organizers or the vendors would consider this.

Because I love to support independent entrepreneurs, I search around to find out if anything suited my liking. Last time, I ended up purchasing a shirt from MNKR, which you may see me wearing one day.

I love these types of fairs because of the guilt-free feeling you get when you finally leave. Not only can you acquire some really neat clothes or accessories that many other people may not own, but you support independents, meaning your money means much more to them than spending your money on some corporation’s product. Of course, one does not need an event like this to support independents. Anyone can find mom & pop shops everywhere, and purchasing from them helps more than just the business staff and owners. Supporting local businesses also supports businesses linked to that business. For example, if you dine at a local establishment like Tavern On 2, you also support the local farms that supply their locally-grown produce and meats.

Anxious to attend the next independent arts & crafts fair? Check my blog every Monday for my post on the week’s upcoming events. Also follow fairs like Renegade Craft, State of Unique, and Patchwork Fest on Twitter to find out more. Until then, always strive to contribute to the locals in your community.

  1. Julie says:

    I have to miss this one, but I’ve been to this event and enjoyed it. I do prefer the Patchwork Festival though.

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