Beef It Up – Porko Rico BBQ’s Shipwreck Grilled Cheese

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Food, Food Truck, Orange County
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With a cold winter approaching, what do we as humans seek out to escape those unfavorable conditions? Usually a blanket or a nice warm bed will do the trick, but most people cannot just carry a bed around everywhere. When the cold weather has people down, they seek warm, comforting food and drinks to warm out the body. A hot drink such as coffee or tea may make you feel warm, while something heavier like soup or noodles will retain the heat better. When people think of warm and comforting food, they will likely think of comfort food – food that we enjoyed while younger that made us feel good. Grilled cheese and tomato soup make for great examples of comfort food. In today’s culinary world, every chef and cook has placed their own spin on classics, bringing traditional comfort food to the table using exquisite ingredients or preparation styles. One can find a grilled cheese around every nook and cranny, or just wander around Orange County until Porko Rico BBQ comes into sight.

After an exciting first month in business, the Porko Rico BBQ food truck has not only acquired a generous following, but has launched a few new items for their current menu. Currently roaming in Orange County, Porko Rico BBQ specializes in Southern-style BBQ with a Caribbean spin. The overall vibe of Porko Rico BBQ has changed over the past month, now that not only does the menu fit the theme, but the staff fit the theme as well. Their Pulled Pork Sandwich that I reviewed last month now goes by the name Pillager Pulled Pork. They have introduced some new items to their menu as well, such as their Shipwreck Grilled Cheese. This meaty sandwich comes with tender brisket, fire-roasted tomatoes, coconut pesto, and muenster cheese, all on buttered & grilled toast. At first bite, you can immediately taste the beef, accompanied by the pesto. The brisket just oozes out natural meat juices, exhibiting its freshness. The pesto stands out with its use of coconut in the ingredients, meshing well with the fire-roasted tomatoes for a balance of flavors to highlight the beef.

You can crush your own Shipwreck Grilled Cheese for just $9 from this Orange County food truck. Why look anywhere else for a great grilled cheese sandwich? Stick around for a bit, and Porko Rico BBQ will eventually come to an area in Orange County near you.


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