Rise & Dine – Roots Gourmet’s Braised Skirt Steak & Egg Sandwich

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Breakfast, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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For all of our lives, we have always heard about the importance of breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Whenever told about this, have we received an explanation about the origin of that? The statement exists as more than just a phrase – breakfast truly does monitor and control your mind and body for the rest of the day. What humans consume within an hour of waking up ultimately determines how a person will feel the rest of the day. A person that eats a breakfast full of vitamins and protein will take on the day with superior energy than someone who has something less nutritious for breakfast, such as pancakes with just butter and syrup. While a breakfast such as that will provide a heavy dosage of carbohydrates necessary for burning energy, a human body requires protein and vitamins in order to strengthen and grow the body. For this reason, nutritionists recommend eggs for breakfast, as eggs provide an abundant amount of protein in a small package. Many restaurants that serve breakfast will serve eggs in some fashion. For those that crave breakfast done right, seek out a local spot that specializes in quality ingredients, such as Roots Gourmet.

With a penchant for the best in local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, Roots Gourmet has quickly cemented itself as a popular choice for conscientious eaters. Co-founder Dalet Hamby believes that good things happen as a result of living a healthy lifestyle. She leads a vegan and gluten-free life, which provides her with a steady stream of energy & vibrancy, and wishes to share her brilliance through food at Roots Gourmet. Featuring a menu of items using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, Roots Gourmet caters to eaters of all backgrounds, and not just for vegans and gluten-free people. Particularly, locals love Roots Gourmet for their breakfast selection, which not only features an omelet bar, but their famous Braised Skirt Steak & Egg Sandwich. Built atop your choice of bread (I recommend the whole wheat baguette), this breakfast sandwich carries a generous portion of tender 10-hour braised arrachera-style skirt steak, a sunny-side up egg, arugula, and hollandaise sauce. In essence, you could call this an Arrachera Benedict Sandwich, as long as you feel comfortable with a fried egg substituting a poached egg. Like all of their sandwiches, this entrée comes with a side of fruit, or another choice of sides, such as beet chips. Words cannot accurately describe the tenderness of the skirt steak. It may not carry the same marinated flavor of traditional carne asada, but the skirt steak retains its meaty beefy flavor, allowing you to savor the true nature of this grass-fed beef along with the egg which will likely ooze out the yolk all over the steak. You can score this sandwich during breakfast hours for just $9.

If you ever find yourself between Long Beach and Seal Beach in the morning, guide yourself over to Roots Gourmet and check out their breakfast menu. Their vast selection will leave you wanting to come back over and over to try everything on their menu, especially all of their fair-trade coffee and teas. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to learn about their weekly specials as well.


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