O.C. Psycho Punk Fest #2 – The Real Black Friday Deal

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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After a rough day of shopping during Black Friday sales, why not release some aggression and stress at a punk rock show? Lots of shows took place last Friday night, but no other shows featured as many acts as the O.C. Psycho Punk Fest #2. With 19 bands scheduled to perform at this all-ages concert, this follow-up show that cost $7 proved the best deal for that Black Friday, compared to other shows costing significantly more. Sure this show did not see the great number of people that other shows pulled that night, but everyone who did attend does not regret going to this show.

I arrived at the venue during Reverse Cowgirl‘s set, which contained a large amount of people in and around the pit already. For a small band out of Long Beach, they sure perform like more well-known bands. If quality bands like this start playing this early, this would set a precedent for the night.

Angels of Mischief originally had the stage to perform next. However, they never showed up. The crowd waited patiently for the next band, Beneath The Cellar. At this point, I realized that the headliners would perform earlier, leaving the end available for more openers. The quality of the music just kept rising with each passing band.

The first of the night’s headliners, Hard Fall Hearts, began playing next. This rockabilly band came all the way up to this venue from San Diego County. Along with the next band, they provided an unforgettable hour of rockabilly music.

The Rocketz played next on the main stage as the night’s second headliner. As another rockabilly band from San Diego, they perfectly followed up from Hard Fall Hearts, providing the sounds of that genre that everyone present had just heard. After this though, we would only get punk rock until the end of the night, which does not bother me.

Now moving into the “After Dark” bands, we start with Destruction Made Simple. As always, they brought the energy and intensity that they always bring to shows. At this particular show, they mainly played songs from their latest album, now available for listening online. They still ended with 21 Year Plan, like they always should.

The night’s third and final headliner started playing on the main stage. The Returners resembled some sort of horror punk band, similar to The Misfits. The crowd had started to slowly trickle down, but those who waited got The Returners’ full set and in person.

Rottbite originally had the stage next, but did not set up on time. Instead, 21 Skulls went on early. Sadly, a large chunk of the audience left after The Returners, resulting in less than 30 people in the venue. People would slowly start to leave towards the end of the night.

Corrupted Youth performed as the main stage’s final band of the night. Vocalist Nacho had had too much to drink prior to this night. Although he still could perform regularly, he mysteriously left the stage during their second-to-last song. Learned learned: do not drink without a large audience.

Rottbite finally showed up and played their set from the smaller stage. However, by now, no more than 20 people remained to watch the performance. In fact, I left after Rottbite’s set, not sticking around to see if Wife Beaters would ever go on.

Miss out on this show? The first O.C. Psycho Punk Fest took place roughly half a year ago. If the pattern holds up, we can expect a third show no sooner than May 2014. Make sure to Like all of the bands’ pages on Facebook to stay updated on their upcoming shows, which may include a O.C. Psycho Punk Fest #3!


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