Guttermouth Gives Thanks by Headlining a Show in Pomona

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Events, Inland Empire, Music, Punk Rock
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What better way to kick off Thanksgiving weekend than with a punk rock show? Last week on Thanksgiving Eve, Guttermouth headlined a local show at Characters Sports Bar in Pomona. Featuring a slew of other punk bands from California, this show attracted hundreds of eager fans to this tiny venue on a night filled with other great shows in Southern California. Guttermouth played at this same venue earlier this year, so those who attended that show may find this one extremely familiar.

The night started early with Anti Social. At this point in the night, people slowly started filing in to Characters, so Anti Social did not play to such a huge crowd. However, they still rocked, and the few fans that did show up this early showed everyone that an opening band can generate buzz.

Infected took the stage next. Every time I looked at their vocalist, I pictured the vocalist from Wasted Ones from a show not too long ago. Infected started their lengthy set nice and heavy. Just when we thought they would come off as just some other opener, along comes a really drunk guy in a red shirt trying to get on stage to do something. He only ends up yelling into the mic and stumbling around. His drunken stupor provided a healthy dosage of entertainment to not only the crowd, but to the band.

After the drunk guys calmed down, The Trenches began playing their set. Their main vocalist sounds like he carries a country accent, making for a blended sound of two otherwise unrelated genres. They did not see the same type of pit as the previous band, seeing as the main driving force of that pit had stepped out to the patio to rest up. The Trenches still played an enjoyable set that any punk fan would like.

Playing with a different lineup, The Plexikill stepped up to the stage. I barely recognized any of the members, mainly since they had a different drummer that night. Despite not having the original lineup for thise show, they still played their songs to a nearly-full room.

The night’s sub-headliner Y.A.P.O. finally made their way to the stage. I should have seen Y.A.P.O. at least once more earlier this year, but they did not make it to one show. The lead vocalist claimed to have a sickness that affected his throat. However, his raspy voice actually made them sound more genuine. Perhaps more punk rock vocalists should perform with a sore throat or other similar sicknesses?

As informal and vicious as kindergarten kids with leashes, Guttermouth finally set up with huge anticipation from the crowd. It appeared that everyone wanted a piece of the band, as they all stormed the stage during many of the songs. Peculiarly, no one ever truly spit in the pit, contrary to the rumors started of a local Guttermouth show. As they began their set, they clearly showed that they did not follow their posted set list. Instead, they just played songs that they felt like playing, and in random order. For example, they ended the night with I’m Destroying The World.

Also, props to the fan in a wheelchair. I have seen him at other shows, and he can surely survive in the pit when it gets close to him.

Miss this Guttermouth Thanksgiving show? You can catch them again in two weeks in West Hollywood, along with more great local bands. Keep it clean, and enjoy yourself when Guttermouth finally started performing at the next show you attend.

  1. […] of the night, Anti Social played their brief set. The last time I saw these guys, they opened a show for Guttermouth. Surprising to see them again but performing so late, most of the attendees remained upstairs in […]

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